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A big thanks goes out to my buddy Tyrant for sending us his review of the wave two Alan Grant with Compies. Here's what he had to say: "Grant: Has a gun with three poles to stand on, and has a clear flame missle with it. Wave 2 Grant does not have any dino damage at all. The compies: one is posed kinda ready to pounce, with its head turned to the right. The other is posed running with its mouth open. But they made them too big. The compies are as long as the Alan Grant action figure, and I will try to get pics soon. But the toys are a hell of alot of fun to pay with! Plus I saw the Divers spino on the back of the box. It was sweet looking! Plus I saw Paul Kirby`s weapon, its a net launcher."


If you haven't heard already, make sure you head on over to Toys R and enter for a chance to win a ton of great prizes! Maybe even a 2002 Jeep Liberty! Here's the list of prizes: Grand Prize (1): 2002 Jeep® Liberty Limited Edition 4x4 with 3.7-liter V-6 engine and automatic transmission (approximate retail value: $25,625). First Prize (2): Dinosaur Discovery trip for a family of four to Drumheller, Canada (approximate retail value: $7,500 each). Second Prize (6): Full-size (approximately 10-inch-long) replica of a Deinonychus dinosaur foot/claw (approximate retail value: $600 each). Third Prize (20): $100 online gift certificate (approximate retail value: $100 each). Fourth Prize (100): A $100 Toys "R" Us gift card valid on Jurassic Park III or any other items at a Toys "R" Us store (approximate retail value: $100 each).


If you're looking for some new shots of the wave two dinos then make sure you head over to and check out their selection of recently released pictures from the 2001 Toy Fair which include the Aqua Spino, Pack Raptor, Brachiosaurus, and many others.


Here's a few tid-bits on the Tapejara story posted earlier this week. (check the archives section) - Here's a Tapejara ebay auction. There is no picture with the auction so I would be very careful if I were you! Item Description: YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE VERY HARD TO FIND NEW RELEASE OF THE JURASSIC PARK III ELECTRONIC REAK-A-TAK GREEN TAPEJARA DINOSAUR W/ BITING ACTION & DINO ROAR!! MINT IN MINT BOX; IN HAND & READY TO SHIP TO YOU!! - From my moderator Austin comes this: "I just got my parade newspaper, and it has releasing toys and toy rumors! It talked about the Tapejara, saying things like "Its a trick to get JP/// fans excited and they will buy more JP/// merchandise"- Barry Windohamn "Its simply just a small hosk"-Linda Harold They went on to say that it will not come out, but dont worry JP/// toy fans, this is a RUMOR style newspaper that I get weekly. So as Dan says sometimes, "You can take this with a grain of salt" I'm beginning to think more and more that this was a hoax. We haven't heard much from "Ancient Raptor" since he first posted the picture and he hasn't been able to produce a picture of the box which he says got thrown away. If it is the real thing, I'll be the first one to aplogize and say thanks for the heads up! Have a great weekend everyone!


Our good friends over at the HQ took some time to review the new JP/// cards from Inkworks which were released on July 11th. Here's their review: "What is it about cards that makes them so appealing? It could be their collectable nature, appearance, trading 'em, and it's just plain fun to have a few - and it's no exception for the Inkworks Jurassic park 3 '3D Premium Trading Cards.' When we were in Universal Studios, Hollywood last week each pack of 7 cards was retailing for around $3 - $4... And we thought that was extremely high! After talking with Inkworks about the situation, we found that the packs suggested retail price is about $2. Don't get us wrong, the cards are great, but 7 cards ain't worth $4 - so don't pay that! Look for reasonably priced packs in the $2 range, or if you really want to collect them, and save money in the long run, buy a whole box of 36 packs. What are the features of the cards? Besides being very visually attractive, they include a card number, scene description, and usually a smaller picture on the backside. Some of the cards, the 'Field Guide' ones, are 3D - when you're lucky enough to score 'DinoFX Specs' (3D viewers) - these also come with each box if you decided to purchase the whole 'shabang.' The 3D effect is minimal, however; the dinosaurs 'pop' off the card, but not by far, and it doesn't seem to change the whole appearance very much either. Still, it's a nice little feature that adds to the cards as a whole. Inkworks has a guarantee that at least one complete set (#1 -72) of collector cards can be found in each sealed 36-count display box of our trading card product. This can be good for fans of the movie - but it obviously hurts the value of the cards, because if you're guaranteed to find a complete set in one box it dilutes the value considerably. Inkworks is betting that you're not going after value for these cards, but because you love Jurassic Park 3 - and these cards accurately and creatively display the motion picture in a grand way. Inkworks is a great successor to Topps for the JP3 series - buy these cards if you're a JP fan, or looking for something fun to do on a rainy day!"


We have a lot of news to get to today, so lets get started. After hearing from several reliable sources that the Tapejara was not scheduled to be made for the JP/// line, I had very good reasons to believe that we would never see one. That was until today! While checking out the inGenNET boards, I noticed that JP Site C has posted a picture that was sent in by "Ancient Raptor" of a Tapejara. The picture is a little blurry so you can't see any official JP/// marks to be sure but if this isn't the real thing, then its the closest will probably get to one. If any more details pass this way we'll be sure to let you know.


This tid-bit comes from the New Straits Times and is a little more detailed than the quotes that I posted a couple of weeks ago by Mr. Neill. Here's what he had to say: “I was rather disturbed by my action figure when it was presented to me a couple of days ago,” he said. “Given that they had come in and taken photographs and made a sculpture of me, it looked like someone else altogether! And the most disturbing thing about it was that it looked like Alan Grant had been abusing steroids for the last 57 years — because the musculature had to be seen to be believed!”


I noticed this pictures of the UK Burger King promotion over at JP3 HQ this weekend. If you live in th U.K. you can collect all 10! Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


I just finished praising my new moderator in the last story and then he comes through for me with this interesting bit of news about a possible new line of Jurassic Park Dinosaurs. Here's what he had to say: "I have heard this rumor that about 5-6 months after JP/// dies down that they will come out with JPD 2! It was in my salepaper! It said "Jurassic Park Dinosaurs 2!?" And it had all kinds of box shapes colored black with a ? mark on them!" Again, this isn't anything official so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.


I just couldn't put it off any longer! I did some major work on the message boards yesterday and if you haven't been by lately make sure you check it out A.S.A.P.! We have added four new forums which include an area for you to buy or sale your JP toys and a dioramas section. I also have a new moderator (some of you may know him as "DRAustinGrant" over on the inGenNET boards). Well, he's with me now and doing a great job I might add. So what are you waitng for? Go check it out! A couple of quick items before I sign off. Don't forget that this Saturday (the 21st) is the start of the "Roar for More" campaign at Wal-Mart. If you check it out make sure to drop us a line and tell us all about it. Also, be on the look-out for a couple of new reviews from our resident reviewer Nick very soon. Have a great weekend everyone and go see JP/// a few more times (I know I will!).


That's right, the big day that all of us have so patiently (yeah right) waited for is finally here! So what are you doing at this site reading about JP toys when you could be seeing the movie? Oh, you're right this is a toy site so lets get to the news. There's not really much going on right now but I did notice this little article over at inGenNET about another toy sale, this time at Ames: "Ames Dept. stores are having a sale this week on Jurassic Park III Merchandise. The sale is running from July 15-21st , every item is 20% off!!! In addition, with every purchase of a JP3 product (Action Figures & Die-Cast Vehicles), you will recieve a Free pack of Inkwork's JP3 Trading cards!" Make sure to head on over to our message boards and give us your thoughts, opinions, or reviews on JP///. Update: I just got back from the movie and you can read my review here. Just look for the JP/// review thread.


Can you believe we're only two days away from the premire of JP///? In the meantime here's some of the latest happenings in the world of JP toys. "ToYoTa4x4" was kind enough to post some scans of the newly released JP/// cards over on the inGenNET forums. For the rest of the pics click here.


In a story posted last week we made mention that "Spinosaurus" noticed a JP/// toy sale in his local K-Mart sales paper. Well here is the actual add thanks to JP Site C.


I found this story while checking out JP3 HQ this weekend about the Burger King JP/// promotion going on in the UK right now. Here are the details: "Well over here in Ireland (and UK) Burger King is doing a jp3 promotion on that paper stuff on your tray there is a LEGO-jp3 competition where there is a map of the island that is sectioned off in squares. It goes as follows: Spinosaurus is after you, he's faster than you but is he smarter? The object of the competition is to choose a square on the island where you think you will be safe. When all entries are posted 3 judges decide the safest place on the map and if your one is right you go into a draw to win LEGO Jurassic Park // studio sets.."


A big thanks to "Spinosaurus" who wanted to let everyone know that he spotted an advertisement in his local K-Mart sales paper for a sale on the JP/// toys. Here's what he had to say: "Starting on July 14 and lasting until July 21, the regular Re-Ak A-Tak dinos will be $8.00 and you can get two humans for $9.00. Also if you buy $20.00 worth of JP3 merchandise you get a free Collectable Movie Poster." So go out to your local K-Mart this weekend and check it out! Thanks again to "Spinosaurus" and have a great weekend everyone!


This bit of great news comes to us from DrAustinGrant who posted over on the inGenNet forums that he has indeed spotted the wave two Brachiosaurus and Aqua Spinosaurus at his local Wal-Mart. Here's some of what he had to say about the Brachiosaurus: "I have measurements it about 7-8 inches long, and about 6-7 inches tall. It is a blueish color and it makes 2 strange but cool noises and i give it a 10! Great toy! Now how is that for a review?" He went on to say that the neck on the Brachiosaur is not poseable and that he hopes to have some pictures for us very soon! So make sure to stay tuned and we'll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest happenings in the world of Jurassic Park toys!


Just a quick little reminder for everyone that today is the official release date of the new JP/// cards. Make sure to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts and comments if you purchase any. You can find more information about the JP/// cards on their official site at


Not really "earth shattering" news but I did run across this comment by JP/// star Sam Neill on the MSN chat which was held earlier tonight. During the chat fans asked Mr. Neill many great questions, one of which I thought our viewers would be interested in: "Also how cool is it to have your own toy figure?" "As for the action figure, I'm not sure if he looks like me at all, even though they took pictures and had a sculpure involved. It looks like someone else altogether." Like I said, nothing "earth shattering" but something I thought you would enjoy nonetheless.


While visiting my local Wal-Mart this weekend I noticed an in-store commercial for the "Roar for More" campaign. In the commercial it showed people going up to a Wal-Mart employee and givivng them their best "dino roar" and then recieving various prizes. Don't get too excited about the prizes because from what I could tell they looked like JP/// bullhorns, which is what the contestants where using for their "dino roar". But they were free so I guess you can't complain too much! The "Roar for More" campaign takes place on July 21st.


Trying his best to help keep us updated here at JPTC is Dan who brings us this update from the world of LEGO: "While at my local Toys R Us (who, by-the-bye, has a HUGE JP3 banner over a section of JP3 toys), while looking for a LEGO Bionicle, I passed some Dinosaur baby toys! I saw: -Baby Dimetrodon (adult can be made from Mososaurus) -Baby Brachiosaurus (adult is a separate set) -Baby Anklyosaurus (adult not yet a LEGO set) Unfortunately, it was closing time and the "friendly" workers were rushing me out. But on their site, you can find out more on all of them, including one I didn't see: the Baby Iguanadon (the adult can be made with the T-Rex I think). Also, all are for sale and available except for the T-Rex (will ship by July 17)."


InGeNet has posted their review of the poseable dinos and it's not a good one and I must say that I agree with them 100%. You'll have to check them out and judge for yourself but I really think they are a huge dissapointment, Here's their review: "Prototype Beauty, Product Beast; Hasbro's Poseable Dinosaurs. I heard reports from several board members about the Poseable dinosaurs, Spinosaurus and Alpha Velociraptor being out on the shelves so i checked for myself. I found them at the local BigK Priced at $14.99, but I think they are not worth it. The spino is about 15 inches long with the raptor being a bit shorter. they are made of a soft, skin like plastic and they are well, boring. "Poseability" of them is mute and they dont pose...the tail bends a little and the head tilts some...the raptors arms dont move much, the spinos jaws look horrible, and the paint jobs are rather dull. Overall, it's a nice dinosaur if you like dinosaurs, but as for playtime, there is nothing to it. I refused to buy these, when will I buy them? When they go on discount! I give these toys a 1 out of 5, they make a nice addition to your dino collection, but they dont match what we have come to expect from Hasbro by now...." Have a great weekend everyone!


Did everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July? I hope you did and can you believe that we're less than two weeks away from the opening! I can't wait!! Thanks to Dan who pointed me to the Wal-Mart website which is apparently about to start some sort of a value campaign on July 21st. I thought they gave away enough great values during "Operation Rollback" what about you? :-) Here's a blurb from the official site: "Make sure to visit your local Wal-Mart Store on July 21 for the Roar for More in-store event!" The details are very sketchy right now as you can see but stay tuned and we'll keep you up tp date as soon as more information becomes available.


Dan the man once again brings us some great news this time it's about the new LEGO "Dinosaur" series. Here's what he had to say: "Quite a few people on the INGennet forums have been wondering about fan-made LEGO JP dinosaurs, playsets, and the like. Well, now LEGO has created "Dinosaurs," a series of toy LEGO dinos that are detailed, poseable, and compatible with the LEGO Studios JP/// Playsets!!! Each dinosaur is from 7-11 inches long and can be transformed with other pieces into 3 other dinosaurs!!! The series includes: -Mososaurus 11 in. long, 26 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Dimetrodon -Postosuchus -Iguanadon -Brachiosaurus 10 in long, 25 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Diplodocus -Plesiosaurus -Plateosaurus -Styracosaurus 7 in. long, 19 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Triceratops -Camarasaurus -Centrosaurus -Tyrannosaurus Rex 10 in. long, 23 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Spinosaurus Ouranosaurus -Parasaurolophus I saw these in my LEGO Summer catalog, and they're pictured right next to the JP/// sets. They look really cool: The herbivores have a green/red/gray color scheme, and the carnivores have a blue/red/gray color scheme. Each set is $9.99."


Thanks to Dan for pointing me to these latest photos posted by of the wave two dinos. Included in the photo is the new Pack Raptor, Aqua Spinosaurus, and the highly anticipated Brachiosaurus! Click on the thumbnail for a larger view and note the neck on that Brachiosaur. Maybe they'll have him see a chiropractor before they release it!


Do you remember those candy eggs that were released with the first Jurassic Park movie back in 1993? It was basically a candy dinosaur egg that contained a miniature dinosaur inside. It seems that Paul over at JP3 HQ has spotted some new JP/// candy eggs! Here's some of what he had to say about them: "Well these JP3 eggs are identical to the JP eggs but with the new logo etched on. They too contain candy but include a more detailed miniature dinosaur!" The eggs are retailing for about $2 a piece


Editor Chris Tellez from JP3 HQ brings us this rundown of some JP/// merchandise including a Play-doh set that I didn't even know existed! I guess you learn something new everday, huh? Here's what he had to say: Lego movie studio raptor rumble - this is one of the first toys we saw pictures of. This appears to be from the scene we've seen allot of on the previews and ads where the people square off with the raptors in the jungle. There is a pteranodon in the set so I'm wondering if this means they'll appear during the sequence in the movie? Lego movie studio Spinosaurus attack set- With this one you can re-create the Spino attack on the airplane. JP3 Play-doh set- You can create play-doh dinos with various molds and then use the included Spino hand puppet to eat them. Jp3 electronic re-ak attack game- Emulate the battle between Spino and t-rex. This is like the battle bot game where you try and knock the other robots head off. This is just of course with a jp3 theme. On the box it only shows the t-rex knocking off the spino. Could this be a hint of things to come, and could cast/crew be fooling us to think that t-rex is no longer going to be king?