InGeNet has posted their review of the poseable dinos and it's not a good one and I must say that I agree with them 100%. You'll have to check them out and judge for yourself but I really think they are a huge dissapointment, Here's their review: "Prototype Beauty, Product Beast; Hasbro's Poseable Dinosaurs. I heard reports from several board members about the Poseable dinosaurs, Spinosaurus and Alpha Velociraptor being out on the shelves so i checked for myself. I found them at the local BigK Priced at $14.99, but I think they are not worth it. The spino is about 15 inches long with the raptor being a bit shorter. they are made of a soft, skin like plastic and they are well, boring. "Poseability" of them is mute and they dont pose...the tail bends a little and the head tilts some...the raptors arms dont move much, the spinos jaws look horrible, and the paint jobs are rather dull. Overall, it's a nice dinosaur if you like dinosaurs, but as for playtime, there is nothing to it. I refused to buy these, when will I buy them? When they go on discount! I give these toys a 1 out of 5, they make a nice addition to your dino collection, but they dont match what we have come to expect from Hasbro by now...." Have a great weekend everyone!