Much like John Hammond's vision for InGEN's Jurassic Park, we here at have a similar passion for keeping Jurassic Park alive. Back in 1993 we cowered in our slightly under-padded movie seats as we witnessed the T-rex crushing the multi-colored tour vehicle underneath its large feet. And we accidentally spilled popcorn on our neighbor as we jumped during the nail-biting kitchen scene when we learned dinosaurs could open doors. Yet, we take our enthusiasm a step further - back to when we saw the first Kenner Red Tyrannosaurus Rex sitting so demurely in its red, black and yellow emblazoned box on the shelves of our local toy store. Only when our parents dished out the $30 and we took him home did he become a fierce and menacing predator. Yes folks, that is what JP was all about - building our own Jurassic Park and pitting humans vs. dinosaurs, or carnivores vs. herbivores. Tearing off Dino Damage, Ripping off Restraint Gear and listening to the echoes of electronic stomps, dino-shrills and dino-screams.

If you are here, you've obviously been impacted by - not only Jurassic Park - but by and the entertainment value it has brought you. We consider it a privilege to have served you in a positive manner thus far. However, our ability to continue on in our mission is sometimes limited by such resources as time and money.

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