Frequently Asked Questions

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- Where can I purchase Jurassic Park toys?

Your best bet for almost all Jurassic Park toys is going to be eBay or the usual flea markets, yard sales and discount stores. On rare occasions toys can still be found at your local toy stores (Toys R Us) or (more frequently) at online sites like Several of the newest lines were specifically sold by one store, for example JP2009 was only found in Toys R Us. In case of a new line, we'd like to refer you to the main page as such information will be posted in a news update.

- Does this site sell any Jurassic Park toys?

Unfortunately, we don't. But, our members do! Visit the Classifieds board on our forum where members frequently buy, sell & trade their Jurassic Park toys and merchandise.

- Why have I been banned from the forum?

We only officially ban those that violate our 3-strike rule. In other words, you should know if you've been officially banned. When banned, it's of no use to create another account and try to log on again, as you'll be banned again. If you really want to visit our forum again, send an e-mail to why we should allow you to join again. If your motivation is good enough, you're allowed to return to the forum again. Remember, this is your very last chance, so don't ruin it!

- When will the new toy databases/sections be online?

Here's a question we seem to get asked quite often.'s staff team consists of volunteers. At this moment, all of them have a job and/or study, so working on the website 24/7 is not possible. We also depend on submissions from members, and to complete a full new section with that can be very time-consuming. If you are really looking forward to a new section, please keep an eye on the front page and/or the forum. Any updates will be posted there. We thank you for your enthusiasm as well as your patience in this process.

- How much is my Jurassic Park toy collection worth? launched the web's first ever complete JP Toys price guide back in August of 2002. The latest update was in 2009. Once there you'll find up to date MIP, loose, retail and all time high prices. We've even included a rarity scale!

- Is there going to be a new toy line when Jurassic Park 4 comes out?

We certainly hope so! However, there's never any way to be 100% certain until we start receiving official announcements from the various toy companies. The only thing we are 100% certain about is that will be there providing you the best Jurassic Park toys coverage available on the web!

- Will we ever see a Jurassic Park Commemorative line?

Many in the past have started online petitions in hopes of getting some (or all) of the original JP toys released. As usual, these attempts have fallen on deaf ears. The truth is, Hasbro's main focus is (and probably always will be) the Star Wars line. Apart from that, the last JP line, JP2009, didn't sell that well. While that probably has to do with the poor promotion strategy and the toys being overpriced, it lowers the odds for a commemorative line.

- Can you host my dioramas?

If you wish to share your dioramas, please post them in our Diorama section on the forum. That way you allow other members to comment on your masterpiece. We advise you to use Imageshack to host your pictures on, as that will allow you to post them. Most image hosting websites provide links you can copy-paste in your post.

- How can I become a affiliate or get my site listed in the links section?

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