Trying his best to help keep us updated here at JPTC is Dan who brings us this update from the world of LEGO: "While at my local Toys R Us (who, by-the-bye, has a HUGE JP3 banner over a section of JP3 toys), while looking for a LEGO Bionicle, I passed some Dinosaur baby toys! I saw: -Baby Dimetrodon (adult can be made from Mososaurus) -Baby Brachiosaurus (adult is a separate set) -Baby Anklyosaurus (adult not yet a LEGO set) Unfortunately, it was closing time and the "friendly" workers were rushing me out. But on their site, you can find out more on all of them, including one I didn't see: the Baby Iguanadon (the adult can be made with the T-Rex I think). Also, all are for sale and available except for the T-Rex (will ship by July 17)."