Our good friends over at the HQ took some time to review the new JP/// cards from Inkworks which were released on July 11th. Here's their review: "What is it about cards that makes them so appealing? It could be their collectable nature, appearance, trading 'em, and it's just plain fun to have a few - and it's no exception for the Inkworks Jurassic park 3 '3D Premium Trading Cards.' When we were in Universal Studios, Hollywood last week each pack of 7 cards was retailing for around $3 - $4... And we thought that was extremely high! After talking with Inkworks about the situation, we found that the packs suggested retail price is about $2. Don't get us wrong, the cards are great, but 7 cards ain't worth $4 - so don't pay that! Look for reasonably priced packs in the $2 range, or if you really want to collect them, and save money in the long run, buy a whole box of 36 packs. What are the features of the cards? Besides being very visually attractive, they include a card number, scene description, and usually a smaller picture on the backside. Some of the cards, the 'Field Guide' ones, are 3D - when you're lucky enough to score 'DinoFX Specs' (3D viewers) - these also come with each box if you decided to purchase the whole 'shabang.' The 3D effect is minimal, however; the dinosaurs 'pop' off the card, but not by far, and it doesn't seem to change the whole appearance very much either. Still, it's a nice little feature that adds to the cards as a whole. Inkworks has a guarantee that at least one complete set (#1 -72) of collector cards can be found in each sealed 36-count display box of our trading card product. This can be good for fans of the movie - but it obviously hurts the value of the cards, because if you're guaranteed to find a complete set in one box it dilutes the value considerably. Inkworks is betting that you're not going after value for these cards, but because you love Jurassic Park 3 - and these cards accurately and creatively display the motion picture in a grand way. Inkworks is a great successor to Topps for the JP3 series - buy these cards if you're a JP fan, or looking for something fun to do on a rainy day!"