Here's a few tid-bits on the Tapejara story posted earlier this week. (check the archives section) - Here's a Tapejara ebay auction. There is no picture with the auction so I would be very careful if I were you! Item Description: YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE VERY HARD TO FIND NEW RELEASE OF THE JURASSIC PARK III ELECTRONIC REAK-A-TAK GREEN TAPEJARA DINOSAUR W/ BITING ACTION & DINO ROAR!! MINT IN MINT BOX; IN HAND & READY TO SHIP TO YOU!! - From my moderator Austin comes this: "I just got my parade newspaper, and it has releasing toys and toy rumors! It talked about the Tapejara, saying things like "Its a trick to get JP/// fans excited and they will buy more JP/// merchandise"- Barry Windohamn "Its simply just a small hosk"-Linda Harold They went on to say that it will not come out, but dont worry JP/// toy fans, this is a RUMOR style newspaper that I get weekly. So as Dan says sometimes, "You can take this with a grain of salt" I'm beginning to think more and more that this was a hoax. We haven't heard much from "Ancient Raptor" since he first posted the picture and he hasn't been able to produce a picture of the box which he says got thrown away. If it is the real thing, I'll be the first one to aplogize and say thanks for the heads up! Have a great weekend everyone!