That's right, the big day that all of us have so patiently (yeah right) waited for is finally here! So what are you doing at this site reading about JP toys when you could be seeing the movie? Oh, you're right this is a toy site so lets get to the news. There's not really much going on right now but I did notice this little article over at inGenNET about another toy sale, this time at Ames: "Ames Dept. stores are having a sale this week on Jurassic Park III Merchandise. The sale is running from July 15-21st , every item is 20% off!!! In addition, with every purchase of a JP3 product (Action Figures & Die-Cast Vehicles), you will recieve a Free pack of Inkwork's JP3 Trading cards!" Make sure to head on over to our message boards and give us your thoughts, opinions, or reviews on JP///. Update: I just got back from the movie and you can read my review here. Just look for the JP/// review thread.