Dan the man once again brings us some great news this time it's about the new LEGO "Dinosaur" series. Here's what he had to say: "Quite a few people on the INGennet forums have been wondering about fan-made LEGO JP dinosaurs, playsets, and the like. Well, now LEGO has created "Dinosaurs," a series of toy LEGO dinos that are detailed, poseable, and compatible with the LEGO Studios JP/// Playsets!!! Each dinosaur is from 7-11 inches long and can be transformed with other pieces into 3 other dinosaurs!!! The series includes: -Mososaurus 11 in. long, 26 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Dimetrodon -Postosuchus -Iguanadon -Brachiosaurus 10 in long, 25 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Diplodocus -Plesiosaurus -Plateosaurus -Styracosaurus 7 in. long, 19 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Triceratops -Camarasaurus -Centrosaurus -Tyrannosaurus Rex 10 in. long, 23 pieces. Can be transformed into: -Spinosaurus Ouranosaurus -Parasaurolophus I saw these in my LEGO Summer catalog, and they're pictured right next to the JP/// sets. They look really cool: The herbivores have a green/red/gray color scheme, and the carnivores have a blue/red/gray color scheme. Each set is $9.99."