Editor Chris Tellez from JP3 HQ brings us this rundown of some JP/// merchandise including a Play-doh set that I didn't even know existed! I guess you learn something new everday, huh? Here's what he had to say: Lego movie studio raptor rumble - this is one of the first toys we saw pictures of. This appears to be from the scene we've seen allot of on the previews and ads where the people square off with the raptors in the jungle. There is a pteranodon in the set so I'm wondering if this means they'll appear during the sequence in the movie? Lego movie studio Spinosaurus attack set- With this one you can re-create the Spino attack on the airplane. JP3 Play-doh set- You can create play-doh dinos with various molds and then use the included Spino hand puppet to eat them. Jp3 electronic re-ak attack game- Emulate the battle between Spino and t-rex. This is like the battle bot game where you try and knock the other robots head off. This is just of course with a jp3 theme. On the box it only shows the t-rex knocking off the spino. Could this be a hint of things to come, and could cast/crew be fooling us to think that t-rex is no longer going to be king?