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If you're wondering just what in the heck I'm talking about then you obviously missed (shame on you!) Jay Leno's interview with JP/// star William H. Macy last night on the "Tonight Show". It was a great interview and Macy is just about as hilarious as they come. One of funniest moments came when Mr. Macy decided to pull out his action figure and start playing with it! He had the wave two Paul Kirby that we've seen the picture of and also the Stegosurus that comes with it. It was hard to make out much detail at all but the color scheme on the Stego was mostly black and blue from what I could tell. But don't take my word for it, head on over to JP Database where our good buddy Jon has the interview broken down into smaller segments to make it eaiser to download. Make sure to keep your eyes open (like I have to remind you) for these new wave two figures as someone on Dan's message board is reporting to have already spotted them at their local stores! Be sure to let us know if you spot any. Hey, I've got to go...the mail man just dropped off my animatronic Spinosaurus!! Have a great weekend everyone!


inGenNet has posted a review of the new animatronic Spinosaurus by JP Site C. Here's some of what they had to say about it: "The Jurassic carnage continues with Hasbro's latest dino-might release, there Re-Ak A-Tak Animatronic Spinosaurus. Standing 8 inches tall, and a 2-foot length, this dinosaur is ready to duke it out with the mightiest of opponents. The sail on his back stands approximately 2 1/2 inches tall at its largest point. Finally, we get a bit of the old JP back. Real-Feel skin covers his body from head to tail. The arms and legs are molded in a hard plastic and are able to be moved. The tail has two joints in it that allow it to curve or remain straight and it allows for the thrashing action of the head, much like what we had with TLW's "Thrasher T-Rex." The roars are none other than the ones used in the small Deluxe Spinosaurus. The most impressive feature of this figure however, is its "Animatronic" features." Click here for the full review. In other JP/// news, make sure to check out the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno tonight where Jay's guest will be JP/// star William H. Macy and THE man...Kobe Bryant!


Just in case you haven't heard by now, make sure to stop by and check out the official JP/// site which opened last night. There are many cool features to the new site which include a 3D adventure game, photos, trailers and plenty more!


For all of those wondering about the size of this guy, wonder no more! Many thanks goes to "Canebrake" who posted these great new photos of the Spino over on the inGenNet boards and he has plenty more to show you! Click here for the rest. Also, just a little friendly reminder from those of us here a JPTC, don't forget to check out the official JP/// site which is set to open sometime later tonight according to a source over at Dan's.


Inkworks and the DreamWorks SKG fansite are teaming up to give you a chance to win a set of JP/// cards by answering a few JP/// trivia questions. Here's some of the details: The First Prize is a 72 Card Base Set in Binder while the four Runner Ups will each receive 72 Card Base Set. What do you have to do to win? Just fill in the form below along with the JPIII Trivia (hint to answers available in a form of link). Those who get the answers right are eligible to enter to win. The Contest Ends July 5th and Winners will be announced on July 7th, 2001. Jurassic Park III Trading Cards are available in stores July 5th, 2001. Make sure to check out the official site for all of the details. On another note, for those of you that ordered the Animatronic Spinosaurus from the Wal-Mart website and were worried about getting the "Re-ak A-tak" one, don't worry! "Velociraptor_101" over on the inGenNet boards is reporting that he received his package and it is the Animatronic Spino.


Our good friend "DathMaulSithLord" from inGenOps (which just opened) has posted a couple of never before seen prototype photos of Alan Grant & Paul Kirby from the second wave of JP/// toys soon to hit the shelves. Notice the Paul Kirby figure doesn't have a mustache! Keep in mind that these are just prototypes and are bound to change. Head on over there and check them out!


"Allosaur176" has posted his review of the new animatronic Spino over on the inGeNet boards. Here's what he had to say: "It is 23" long, other than the obvious dino damage, it also has 2 cuts on the other side of its neck... It has a posable tail.. A button at the right side base of the tailwhere the JP3 symbol is, which lowers the head and mouth opens and roars ( deeper sound than the other 2)... A button on inside under its ribs to make another sound, press once it raises its head and roars, press it again it lowers its head and roars.. The same as above for the cuts on its neck The rubber skin on its body is almost like the JP rex, cept a bit thinner The teeth are brownish color The sail is 2 1/2" high It stands 10" high at the top of the sail It has the same thrashing motion like the Thrasher rex ( move the tail side to side to make the head swing) I believe its sounds are the same as the re-ak attack one, i'll check tommorow The paint job is good ( could have been better around the wounds) On a personal note, I spotted this guy at my local Wal-Mart yesterday and I must say that I wasn't very impressed. I thought the paint job was lacking and overall the detail was low compared to some of the JP/// toys that have been released already. You'll decide for yourself but personally I don't think there's anyway that I'll be shelling out $50 for this guy.


Dan J. dropped me an e-mail today to let me know that Toys R Us has updated their website with new photos and descriptions of some new JP/// toys. Here's what he had to say: has got some great info on new items for JP3. Here we go: -The Elec. Ultra T-Rex has a box 11.7inx4.5inx11.3in, stands 9 in high and 12 in long, and has a ship date/price of July 10/$21.99. Compare that to the Anima Spino, who has a box 20inx7.2inx12.3in, stands 11 in. high and 21 in. long, and has a ship date/price of July 16/$49.99. -The Pteranadon Launchers have a ship date/price of Aug. 15/$9.99. -The highly-anticipated Walking Raptor has a ship date/price of Aug. 15/$17.99. And did I mention that all of the above have DETAILED pictures?!?!?!?!?! How great is that? The Walking Raptor looks like it's missing some detail in the face, but everything else looks great! I also wanted to let everyone know that I finally have a quality picture of the JP/// exclusive (thanks to JP Site C). It's in the JP/// section if you're interested. Have a great weekend everyone!


Earlier today I received an e-mail from Dan who wanted to let me know that someone on the inGenNet boards plans to have some pictures of the second wave of JP/// toys up in the next 2 or 3 days, right now I can't confirm any of this since the inGenNet site is down but I will keep you up to date if any pictures do show up. Another note today, while surfing the message board over at Dan's page I noticed that "Arcocanthosaur" has spotted an animatronic Spinosaurus at his local Toys R Us. He went on to say that it had a price tag of $55 and as for the size, "Very Big. the size of the original elec. Rex from JP. Twice the size of the Ultra Reak Atack T-Rex." Like I said these are just rumors and sitings but as soon as we receive any more information, I'll be sure to pass it along. (06/23/01) UPDATE- "Armothe" on the inGenNet boards has posted some very cool new photos of the Animatronic Spinosaurus along with a video of him demonstrating it, go check it out!


Wow, has it been a slow news week or what?! I usually try to stick with just JP toy & collectible news on this site but since it has been a very slow week, I decided to pass this along anyway. The poster (Click for a larger view) features the Rex and Spino about to go at it and right now can be yours for $6.95 with the buy it now option. If you're interested in bidding on this new poster, here's the link. In other site news we here at JPTC with your help are about to open a new Q&A section. Basically how it wiil work is you send your tough questions for the folks at Hasbro or Kenner to me and I will forward them to my good buddy Dan J. who will get the tough answers for you. If there's enough interest, I'll post the first set of Q&A in the coming weeks.


First off, I would like to congratulate the L.A. Lakers on their back to back championships! Now that that's out of the way, lets get on to the news. JP3 HQ has posted some details on the new JP/// cards from Inkworks which are set to be released on July 11th: Configuration: Seven cards per pack, 36 packs per box, 10 boxes per case. Suggested Retail Price: $1.99 per pack Base Set: 72 all-new, all 3-D trading cards featuring Movie Action cards, Field Guide Cards, Jaw2Jaw cards and more. Bonus Cards: 3-D Card Sized Viewer: DFX-1 (appx 1:8 packs), Nine Jurassic Extreme Die-cut cards (appx 1:11 packs), Six Ragin' Refractors Prismatic Foil cards (appx. 1:17 packs), One Mega Mayhem Foil Embossed card (appx. 1:107 packs), Box loader 3-D glasses DFX-2 in each security sealed "Hobby Only" display box (1 per "Hobby Only" display box), Case loader promotional card in each security sealed case (1 per case). There are two versions of the Ragin' Refractors cards. The basic version is silver. However, one out of every four Ragin' Refractors cards is green foil. Other Items: 3-D Premium Collector Album (SRP $19.99). We'll probably post an offer for the 3-D glasses on our web site as well. If visitors to the site use the glasses, they'll be able to see the 3-D effect on our JPIII web pages as well as the cards.


Here's a quick little update before I head out the door this weekend for a much needed vacation! has just returned from a trip to Islands of Adventure and they bring with them several exclusive photos of some of the new JP/// merchandise. They have pictures of the new LEGO studio sets, JP/// cups, school supplies and my favorite photo is of the new poseable dinosaurs which includes a shot of the Velociraptor. Head on over there and check them out, have a great weekend and GO LAKERS!


After reading about all the sitings of the new JP/// "Dino Packs" (see yesterday's news) I decided to go and look for myself. At the first CVS I had no luck but I decided to try another one at the other end of town, and I hit the jackpot baby! They had a display up front with about 6 or 7 packs left (I got two) and also to my surprise they had JP/// diecast and the other figures w/dinos (I picked up Amand Kirby w/Spino). Each pack contains three dinos that are very well detailed to be so small, you could actually use theses guys as hatchlings for your dioramas! As for actual sizes, they vary any where from about 1-2 inches in length. Here's something interesting that I didn't know, these packs are actually meant for playing a game! You get different scores for how the dinos land when you roll them. For example: a standing dinosaur is woth 5 points and a resting dino on its side is worth 4 points. Out of a possible 18 different species, I did pretty well in not getting any duplicates. The ones I got were: T-Rex, Baby stegosaurus, Baby Triceratops, Compsognathus. Parasaurolophus, and a Chasmasaurus. Like I said, they all have excellent detail and nice color schemes. Heres a complete list of the ones available: Dilophosaurus, T-Rex, Baby T-Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Compsognathus, Dimetrodon, Triceratops, Baby Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Baby Stegosaurus, Chasmasaurus, Brachiosaur, Pachycephalosaurs, Parasaurolophus, Ankylasaurus, Pteranodon, and Gallimimus. So keeplooking around and maybe you'll luck up to! Sorry for the lack of a picture but I don't have access to a scanner (maybe I'll get one for my birthday!).


That's what the box says at least! Remember those cookies that were advertised with Burger King for the JP/// promotion? Well, apparently someone has decided to sell theirs on ebay. As of now, this is a Canadian only promotion so if you live in the states and would like to get your hands on a's you chance! Here's the link for those interested in chowing down on some pre-historic choclate!


The latest talk over at the inGenNet forums is of these new "Dino Packs" which have been surfacing in CVS stores recently. JP: The Toys! received word that a pack can be had for around $2.99 and it contains three dinosaurs out of 18 different species that are about the size of the JP diecast dinosaurs. "pygmy allosaurus" also added this: "Depending on how big the compy is, the dino packs could be a convenient source of compies for dioramas or whatever. Every one of the species included in them have been in at least one JP movie. except Chasmosaurus. If they make a JP4, we can probably expect to see one of these. Despite Carnotaurus being in JP3, there isn't one included in the dino packs."


Why am I posting this as toy news you might ask? Well, for one reason this newly opened JP Institute does have a toys & games section (they only have a few JP/// toys in their section right now) and the other reason is that it's just an awesome site! Any dionsaur nut (myself included) really owes it to themselves to check it out. Here's a little blurb from the site describing it: The formation of the Jurassic Park Institute represents the next step in the evolution of one of the most popular franchises in motion picture history - Jurassic Park. A science-based and educationally focused program, JPI has one mission - to provide kids, families, educators and scientists with the ultimate resource for dinosaur learning and fun. Beginning with the launch of JPI Online, the Institute will, when completed, combine all forms of media to create the most exciting and dynamic forum for dinosaur fun, study, and research the world has ever known.


I bet you're wondering what in the heck I'm talking about, right? Well, our good friends over at have gotten their hands on some pretty cool exclusive photos and descriptions from Hasbro of this unreleased series. It seems that this set was supposed to ship in 1999 but after the failure of the chaos effect line this set was a no go.


While checking the inGenNet forums, Dan noticed that several people have reported seeing some of the new JP/// poseable dinosaurs in their local area. One member in particular "Tyrant" reported seeing a Spinosaurus and a Velociraptor. He went on to say that they are 8-9 inches high and 15-20 inches long and they reatiled at about $12.99 each. Let us know if you spot any!


Make sure to check out ebay for all of your JP/// LEGO needs. They currently have two auctions, one is for the Spinosaurus attack set and the other is for the Raptor rumble studio. There's about four days left to bid and right now both sets can be had at decent prices.


I thought that I was done with the updates for the page today but I ran across a couple of interesting items at JP3 HQ and thought I'd pass them along. The HQ has posted a review of the new electronic T-Rex game from Tiger which can be read here. Don't expect too much though, because it doesn't sound like they liked it much at all. JP3 HQ also wanted to let everyone know that Inkworks dropped them a note saying it appears that no one is working on a comic book series for JP///. I promise that that's it for todays updates because I now have to go sit in front of my giant television (makes me feel like I'm at the game :)) and act like the crazed, insane LAKER FAN that I am!


There's not really much going on in the toy world today but I did notice that has updated their pre-order pictures with a great shot of the Raptor Attack Playset. You can pre-order it now for $39.99. Pretty soon I'm going to add a section of just box shots so I don't have to post them in the news section everytime. That's about it for today, so everyone have a great weekend and GO LAKERS!!


Great news from my buddy Dan who e-mailed a Hasbro rep and asked her about the release of the 2nd wave of JP/// toys. She basically said that wave two (including Alan Grant/wCompies, Paul Kirby w/Stegosaurus, and the Military diver w/Aqua Spino) have all shipped to the stores and depending on how fast they get there and how fast they're put out on the shelves, that we should be seeing them by the end of this month! This is definitely great news, and be sure to let us know if you spot any of these new wave two dinos/figures in the stores.


Dan J. comes through for me once again! This time he points me to some great new photos of the All-Terrain Dino Trapper vehicle which should be hitting stores soon. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view and more great pictures! Thanks again Dan! (Also, a big thanks goes out to "Armothe" for posting them on the inGenNet forums)


Thanks to my buddy Dan J.(make sure to check out his new review at for giving me the heads up on this new photo recently posted by of the Alpha Pteranodon. Check out the detail on this one! I didn't think there would ever be a better looking pteranodon, but I guess I was wrong! You can now pre-order it for $24.99.


It seems like the only news updates we've had for you recently are reviews but this one was sent in over at Dan's JP3 page by "Kyle Hatch" of the new Raptor Rumble playset from LEGO. It's a good review and worth passing along so here's what he had to say: "So far, there seems to have been a great deal of negative buzz in the JP3 toys department, particularly when it comes to the two JP3 LEGO Studios sets. However, I've recently bought set #1370, "Raptor Rumble Studio" and I think both LEGO fans, and non-fans will be pleasantly surprised! One of the first things I noticed about the set were the minifigs, they're hard to miss. While the two cast figures bare no resemblance to those in JP3 (The guy is none other than LEGO Adventurer "Johnny Thunder", and the girl is also nothing new) However, the cameraman is pretty cool, excellent detail and personality for a minifig, actually kinda looks a little like Macy! The video camera he holds is also really neat, even comes with a little 1x2stud tape, which slides right inside! The movie set itself is by far the coolest part; it's filled with all kinds of little details and special effects!\ The set comes with a little 6x6stud clear dome, which can be flipped open and closed. Both windows on the lab can 'break' open sideways, (Providing easy access for hungry raptors!) and if that weren't enough, the entire roof of the lab, including the dome, is detachable! All pieces included can also be rebuilt to create a hanglider for two. And then there are the dinos -- it includes two raptors and a pteronodon. They may not bare an exact resemblance to those in the movie, but the liberties taken make these figures extremely poseable -- especially the raptors! My only disappointments are that the dino's heads aren't able to open or close, and that the actors included look absolutely nothing like the JP3 cast. But this certainly shouldn't discourage you from at least considering to buy this se -- if you're into JP toys, you shouldn't be disappointed here!"


It seems that way at least according to "Mr. Goodbytes" who dropped me an e-mail to let me know about the recent sitings by members at inGenNet of some JP/// exclusives at Wal-Mart. Apparently you can now buy a pack that includes a re-paint of Harpoon Harrison (JP series 2 figure) as an African-American, a cyclops raptor re-paint and another re-paint of a Lost World triceratops. The pack retails for around $15. I haven't spotted this pack anywhere yet but I would love to see a photo if someone that has purchased it would like to send it to us here. In other news, I'm working on a review of the new "Re-ak A-tak" Pteranodon (which is awesome) and Dilophosaurus which should be up sometime tomorrow so keep checking back for that. Also, Nick wants me to let you know that he recently purchased the Raptor cycle pursuit set and is hard at work on a review fot it. So, stay tuned for a lot of reviews coming your way!


While checking the usual sites this morning, I noticed that has posted several great new reviews for the JP/// toys including the alpha raptor, Amanda & Eric Kirby, Billy Brennan and last but certainly not least, Dr. Alan Grant. Head on over there and check them out!


If you're interested in getting those JP/// items pre-ordered then make sure you stop by where they have several new items available. In the toy line they have many to choose from including the Island survival game, the all-terrain vehicle and the raptor attack playset. As far as books go they have the junior novelization and the movie story book among may others.