It seems like the only news updates we've had for you recently are reviews but this one was sent in over at Dan's JP3 page by "Kyle Hatch" of the new Raptor Rumble playset from LEGO. It's a good review and worth passing along so here's what he had to say: "So far, there seems to have been a great deal of negative buzz in the JP3 toys department, particularly when it comes to the two JP3 LEGO Studios sets. However, I've recently bought set #1370, "Raptor Rumble Studio" and I think both LEGO fans, and non-fans will be pleasantly surprised! One of the first things I noticed about the set were the minifigs, they're hard to miss. While the two cast figures bare no resemblance to those in JP3 (The guy is none other than LEGO Adventurer "Johnny Thunder", and the girl is also nothing new) However, the cameraman is pretty cool, excellent detail and personality for a minifig, actually kinda looks a little like Macy! The video camera he holds is also really neat, even comes with a little 1x2stud tape, which slides right inside! The movie set itself is by far the coolest part; it's filled with all kinds of little details and special effects!\ The set comes with a little 6x6stud clear dome, which can be flipped open and closed. Both windows on the lab can 'break' open sideways, (Providing easy access for hungry raptors!) and if that weren't enough, the entire roof of the lab, including the dome, is detachable! All pieces included can also be rebuilt to create a hanglider for two. And then there are the dinos -- it includes two raptors and a pteronodon. They may not bare an exact resemblance to those in the movie, but the liberties taken make these figures extremely poseable -- especially the raptors! My only disappointments are that the dino's heads aren't able to open or close, and that the actors included look absolutely nothing like the JP3 cast. But this certainly shouldn't discourage you from at least considering to buy this se -- if you're into JP toys, you shouldn't be disappointed here!"