Why am I posting this as toy news you might ask? Well, for one reason this newly opened JP Institute does have a toys & games section (they only have a few JP/// toys in their section right now) and the other reason is that it's just an awesome site! Any dionsaur nut (myself included) really owes it to themselves to check it out. Here's a little blurb from the site describing it: The formation of the Jurassic Park Institute represents the next step in the evolution of one of the most popular franchises in motion picture history - Jurassic Park. A science-based and educationally focused program, JPI has one mission - to provide kids, families, educators and scientists with the ultimate resource for dinosaur learning and fun. Beginning with the launch of JPI Online, the Institute will, when completed, combine all forms of media to create the most exciting and dynamic forum for dinosaur fun, study, and research the world has ever known.