"Allosaur176" has posted his review of the new animatronic Spino over on the inGeNet boards. Here's what he had to say: "It is 23" long, other than the obvious dino damage, it also has 2 cuts on the other side of its neck... It has a posable tail.. A button at the right side base of the tailwhere the JP3 symbol is, which lowers the head and mouth opens and roars ( deeper sound than the other 2)... A button on inside under its ribs to make another sound, press once it raises its head and roars, press it again it lowers its head and roars.. The same as above for the cuts on its neck The rubber skin on its body is almost like the JP rex, cept a bit thinner The teeth are brownish color The sail is 2 1/2" high It stands 10" high at the top of the sail It has the same thrashing motion like the Thrasher rex ( move the tail side to side to make the head swing) I believe its sounds are the same as the re-ak attack one, i'll check tommorow The paint job is good ( could have been better around the wounds) On a personal note, I spotted this guy at my local Wal-Mart yesterday and I must say that I wasn't very impressed. I thought the paint job was lacking and overall the detail was low compared to some of the JP/// toys that have been released already. You'll decide for yourself but personally I don't think there's anyway that I'll be shelling out $50 for this guy.