Earlier today I received an e-mail from Dan who wanted to let me know that someone on the inGenNet boards plans to have some pictures of the second wave of JP/// toys up in the next 2 or 3 days, right now I can't confirm any of this since the inGenNet site is down but I will keep you up to date if any pictures do show up. Another note today, while surfing the message board over at Dan's page I noticed that "Arcocanthosaur" has spotted an animatronic Spinosaurus at his local Toys R Us. He went on to say that it had a price tag of $55 and as for the size, "Very Big. the size of the original elec. Rex from JP. Twice the size of the Ultra Reak Atack T-Rex." Like I said these are just rumors and sitings but as soon as we receive any more information, I'll be sure to pass it along. (06/23/01) UPDATE- "Armothe" on the inGenNet boards has posted some very cool new photos of the Animatronic Spinosaurus along with a video of him demonstrating it, go check it out!