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"JP Toy Expert" drops in and brings with him 4 new reviews! The reviews include Dr. Snare & Skinner and a couple of Dino Tracker vehicles, the Jungle Runner & the Strike Cycle. So, make sure to check those out in our extensive online toy review database!


Wow, what a busy weekend this has turned out to be! Our good friends over at have recently updated their site with 3 new CamoXtreme pics! The new pictures include the Jungle Spinosaurus, Arctic T-Rex and the Night Velociraptor. Personally, I was a little disappointed with the Night Raptor but I think the Jungle Spinosaurus and Arctic Rex just plain rock! Click here for the pics. (Thanks to Mr_Goodbytes for the heads up...who else ;-) .


How about a rare weekend update? It looks like more bad news for CamoXtreme fans as it appears that Hasbro has officially scrapped any plans they had for a Canyon T-Rex. Here was a response sent to Mr_Goodbytes from "Unfortunately, we were recently informed by Hasbro that this item has been officially cancelled. However, as with any cancellation, Hasbro can reverse their decision. If we are able to obtain this product, it will, again, be posted on our web site." So maybe all is not lost but this is certainly not looking good for Camo fans. It's a shame because that was one of the ones that I and a lot of other people were really looking forward to owning. Oh well, we shall see...stay tuned!


Thanks to everyone who participated in our last poll in which we asked what you thought was the rarest or most sought after JP toy? Well, we had exactly 199 votes and the winner with 19% was the JP series 2 Canotaurus. Coming in a close second with 18% of the vote was the JP series 1 Red T-Rex. So for the next question we want to know, which JP toy line have you been the most dissapointed with? Make sure to vote and have a great weekend everybody!


Our man in the know overseas, AgentSmith, gets us the scoop on some JP3 keychains and also brings with him a UK Ebay report: "Recently, JP3 keychains, manufactured by Tiger, have been found on sale at Poundland stores. This is, so far, the only place they have been seen in this side of the Atlantic. Presumably, they're only £1, but how long they will be around for is unknown." Thanks to AgentSmith for that update, it's always interesting to see what's happening overseas! In site news, Ben submitted a very in-depth review of the JP3 Alpha Pteranodon over the weekend which can be viewed here. Hey, you guys looking for a good laugh? Well, if so then you have to check out this latest batch of what appears to be JP3 bootlegs up for bid on eBay. They're at the bottom of the page right now under the heading "JURASSIC PARK III DINOSAUR." It's truly amazing to see what people will do for a buck these days ;-). (Thanks to Ben, Matt and many others!).


Mr_Goodbytes continues his quest to get to the bottom of all this CamoXtreme chaos! This time he kindly emailed the folks over at to see just how they plan on filling all those pre-orders that are now listed as "Out Of Stock-Arriving Soon". This was their response: Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided us with a date we can expect to receive this item, but we are expecting it back in stock soon. We will have pictures of it on our website soon. We fully intend to fill all pre-orders as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience. Customer Service Entertainment Earth Pretty nice guys huh? Keep it here for all the latest details as we'll pass them along to you as more becomes available. A couple of site updates before I let you go today - first, I finally got around to updating the pictures of my JP collection (most of it) which now includes a shot of my most recent acquisition, the JP series 2 Carnotaurus! We also have a new member in the JPTC diorama family (I know...cheesy ;-). His name is raptorhunter56 and his first entry is a good one! So make sure to check that out and have a great weekend everybody!


Old "eagle eyes" himself, Mr_Goodbytes points out that now has the JP3 Deluxe Biting Dino Asst. 4 listed as "Hot Off The Truck". The pre-order demand must have been pretty high though because they're also listed as Out Of Stock - Arriving soon. The total price for the assortment is listed as $77.99 and includes the following: Jurassic Park 3 `Re-ak A-tak` Sound Deluxe Electronic Dinosaur Action Figure Assortment 4. Re-Ak is the `Dino Roar` sound each dinosaur makes when it is being attacked. `A-tak` is a sound each dinosaur makes when it is on the offensive. Each dinosaur roars at the push of a button. Includes: 2x Jungle Spinosaurus with biting action, 1x Night Velociraptor with slashing action, and 3x Arctic T-Rex with biting action.


Not to toot our own horn here too much but to be honest, this is something that we're just dang proud of! I noticed it last night (we're actually at 100,635 as I type this) and went back through the numbers and figured out that we passed it either late night on April 1st or just in time for our 1 year anniversiary on April 2nd....pretty neat huh? Anyway, that's about all I had for ya today but be assured that we're still hard at work behind the scenes on our big project! Have a great weekend everyone!


Hard to believe, huh? After all the changes we've been through, here we are celebrating our 1 year anniversiary! To tell you the truth, this site has lasted longer and become more popular than I could've ever imagined. We went from our humble beginnings at JP3 HQ to our current home here on geocities and this probably won't be our last stop (hint, hint ;-). Anyway, thanks to all you guys and gals out there that visit this site everyday, you're the ones that keep us going! Hopefully we'll continue going until you just can't stand us anymore (which is hopefully never ;-). On a side note, I was finally able to secure myself a MIB JP series 2 Carnotaurus over the weekend and I can't wait until it gets here so I can finally display it in all its glory!


Wow, did this ever take me by surprise! After many months of petitions it looks like Kenner & Hasbro have finally decided to listen to the consumers! From what I know, the line is already in production and should be out sometime later this fall. The line will carry all of our old favorites including the Carnotaurs & here for more details! (April fools! ;-) )