Old "eagle eyes" himself, Mr_Goodbytes points out that entertainmentearth.com now has the JP3 Deluxe Biting Dino Asst. 4 listed as "Hot Off The Truck". The pre-order demand must have been pretty high though because they're also listed as Out Of Stock - Arriving soon. The total price for the assortment is listed as $77.99 and includes the following: Jurassic Park 3 `Re-ak A-tak` Sound Deluxe Electronic Dinosaur Action Figure Assortment 4. Re-Ak is the `Dino Roar` sound each dinosaur makes when it is being attacked. `A-tak` is a sound each dinosaur makes when it is on the offensive. Each dinosaur roars at the push of a button. Includes: 2x Jungle Spinosaurus with biting action, 1x Night Velociraptor with slashing action, and 3x Arctic T-Rex with biting action.