Our man in the know overseas, AgentSmith, gets us the scoop on some JP3 keychains and also brings with him a UK Ebay report: "Recently, JP3 keychains, manufactured by Tiger, have been found on sale at Poundland stores. This is, so far, the only place they have been seen in this side of the Atlantic. Presumably, they're only £1, but how long they will be around for is unknown." Thanks to AgentSmith for that update, it's always interesting to see what's happening overseas! In site news, Ben submitted a very in-depth review of the JP3 Alpha Pteranodon over the weekend which can be viewed here. Hey, you guys looking for a good laugh? Well, if so then you have to check out this latest batch of what appears to be JP3 bootlegs up for bid on eBay. They're at the bottom of the page right now under the heading "JURASSIC PARK III DINOSAUR." It's truly amazing to see what people will do for a buck these days ;-). (Thanks to Ben, Matt and many others!).