Mr_Goodbytes continues his quest to get to the bottom of all this CamoXtreme chaos! This time he kindly emailed the folks over at to see just how they plan on filling all those pre-orders that are now listed as "Out Of Stock-Arriving Soon". This was their response: Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided us with a date we can expect to receive this item, but we are expecting it back in stock soon. We will have pictures of it on our website soon. We fully intend to fill all pre-orders as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience. Customer Service Entertainment Earth Pretty nice guys huh? Keep it here for all the latest details as we'll pass them along to you as more becomes available. A couple of site updates before I let you go today - first, I finally got around to updating the pictures of my JP collection (most of it) which now includes a shot of my most recent acquisition, the JP series 2 Carnotaurus! We also have a new member in the JPTC diorama family (I know...cheesy ;-). His name is raptorhunter56 and his first entry is a good one! So make sure to check that out and have a great weekend everybody!