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Has it been a wild week to be a JP toy fan or what?! Well I hope it hasn't been wild enough that you've forgotten about the first major story that broke, those unreleased CE photos. Forum member Extinct was kind enough to pass along these new closeups of the Stegosaurus & Pachysaurolophus visible in the Chaos Effect prototypes section.

Thanks again to Extinct for sending those in. We'll be sure to post others as we receive them so be sure to keep checking back. In other news today, we have a new diorama gallery from Dinoboy18 which includes a whopping 17 dioramas...check 'em out!


WOW! The news keeps getting better and better. More pictures of the upcoming JP: Dinosaurs line have been posted in our forums. Looks like Hasbro was true to their word and we got our wish - JPS1 and TLW dinos with new and outstanding colors! I think people will grow to love this new release.


I recently made contact with an executive at Hasbro in order to get to the bottom of this mysterious Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs toy line. Whereas we've already confirmed appearances at local KBToys to verify their legitimacy, it was confirmed that this is indeed a new toy line scheduled for limited release late summer/early fall. Here is a summary of our talking points:

A: Rumor has it there is a new JP toy line in the process of being released by Hasbro. True or False?

H: Yes, there has been a new line scheduled for release this year

A: This is the new JP: Dinosaurs line with the green packaging?

H: Yes, indeed

A: It was rumored that this line was created for a specific account (vendor) such as KBToys

H: Yes, this line was specifically created for KBToys retail

A: Can we expect only the four sets of 2-packs in this line?

H: No, I believe there are more, perhaps 10 total toys in this line.

In addition to these questions, Hasbro also rejected the notion that they ever lost the Jurassic Park toy license and there is a lot more to come. Probably the best news (at least I believe it to be) is that Hasbro is willing to open up a dialogue between themselves and JPToys! This is indeed exciting news for the Jurassic Park community. Let's keep our fingers crossed fellas!


JPToys forum member Stitch submitted this neat little article on the concept-to-product process of creating these nifty toys geared more towards preschoolers. Don't forget to visit our JP Junior section here. Discuss this article in our forums.


JPToys forum member Stitch has located some rather curious Jurassic Park toys on The seller had this to say:

"We were amazed to come across these at an estate sale, and snatched them up. We are in the process of building a dinosaur park, so we are purchasing any great dinosaur items we can find. We are currently accepting sponsors for our life-sized dinosaur exhibits. Please let us know if you know of anyone who might want to “own” a dinosaur statue. Either way, these great JPs are the real deal, they were made by Hasbro. I’m attaching a scan of the back of the box."

The cardback has a date of 2003. Crafty Customs? Bootlegs? Unreleased Prototype mock-ups? Or is Hasbro giving us the real deal? Was this the rumored 10th Anniversary line we petitioned for? Discuss in our forums!


JPToys is proud to bring you yet another exclusive look at some never before seen Chaos Effect toys! Forum member Extinct came across these in a 1998 Toy Fair Catalog. Just what's included? You can see it all in our Catalogs section, but here's a quick glance:

* InGen Lab
* Ian Malcom
* "Power Suit"
* Ankylosaurus
* Stegosaurus and Pachysaurolophus
* Ultimasaurus & Deynocanis
* Deynocanis (closeup)

We will try to get higher quality scans up as soon as possible. Be sure to catch the discussion regarding this significant find in our FORUMS (you may have to register). In conjunction with these great new pictures, we also have a new poll question up for your voting pleasure today.


Okay, no, we don't need any more mods for our forums, but we do need your support. We've added a donation button to the left hand side of our website which will allow you to send a reasonable donation to JPToys. Donations help offset expenses such as webhosting and maintaining our domain name. Eventually we will post an official donations page with more information on the JPToys endeavor as well as optional methods of payment. However, for now, PayPal makes this process quite simple (yes! you can use credit cards!). If you don't already have a PayPal account, sign up here!


We've got a few updates to pass along to day. First up, we have 2 new additions to our collections page from JPobsessed & Spinosaurus. In other news, we have 2 updates from Bucketfoot-Al. The first is a new custom Ankylosaurus and the second is an update to his previous Spinosaurus diorama.


The hits...err...dioramas just keep on rollin'! We have a brand new gallery from forum moderator Hemostrat and new additions to Ted's gallery, one of which includes a very interesting matchup between Darth Vader and our old friend Rexy. Curious? Check them out in our diorama section today. In other related news, our good friend Jurassic Joe over at has released his very first newsletter which provides some very insightful tips on how to properly tint your dioramas. It's a very interesting read so make sure to give it a gander. Have a great weekend everyone!


JPToys forum member SHOGMASTER has sent in various Chaos Effect concept drawings which you can find in our Chaos Effect prototypes section. At this time we won't say too much - as to provide for some sense of anonymity - we'll just get right to the pictures! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with SHOGMASTER in the upcoming weeks. THESE ROCK!


Before we get to the updates, I wanted to discuss these little "outages" we've been having here at lately. As you may or may not already know, we recently changed to a new host. Well this new host doesn't offer quite the bandwidth per month as our old one. We usually receive a bandwidth exceeded notice with about one week left in the month. As a result, the site is usually down for about the last 3-4 days of that month. We do apologize for this inconvenience. But please bare with us because we do have plans to switch hosts yet again to one that will provide us the necessary bandwidth per month that is needed to keep this behemoth up & running.

Now on to the updates. We've had a great response to our new & improved diorama section and we do thank you for that. Today we have a new gallery from Ted as well as additions to Bucketfoot-Al's gallery. Be sure to give those a gander. We also have a new entry ino our What If? section from Stitch. He shows us what a TLW Series 2 Young T-Rex might look like all boxed up. And finally today, we added another "Scientific Wonders" set to our ever growing bootlegs section.

Finally, I wanted to wish everyone out there a very happy & SAFE 4th of July weekend here in America. Please keep all of our fighting men and women over seas in your thoughts & prayers. There's a reason America is the land of the free and the home of the brave and they're it.