I recently made contact with an executive at Hasbro in order to get to the bottom of this mysterious Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs toy line. Whereas we've already confirmed appearances at local KBToys to verify their legitimacy, it was confirmed that this is indeed a new toy line scheduled for limited release late summer/early fall. Here is a summary of our talking points:

A: Rumor has it there is a new JP toy line in the process of being released by Hasbro. True or False?

H: Yes, there has been a new line scheduled for release this year

A: This is the new JP: Dinosaurs line with the green packaging?

H: Yes, indeed

A: It was rumored that this line was created for a specific account (vendor) such as KBToys

H: Yes, this line was specifically created for KBToys retail

A: Can we expect only the four sets of 2-packs in this line?

H: No, I believe there are more, perhaps 10 total toys in this line.

In addition to these questions, Hasbro also rejected the notion that they ever lost the Jurassic Park toy license and there is a lot more to come. Probably the best news (at least I believe it to be) is that Hasbro is willing to open up a dialogue between themselves and JPToys! This is indeed exciting news for the Jurassic Park community. Let's keep our fingers crossed fellas!