JPToys forum member Stitch has located some rather curious Jurassic Park toys on The seller had this to say:

"We were amazed to come across these at an estate sale, and snatched them up. We are in the process of building a dinosaur park, so we are purchasing any great dinosaur items we can find. We are currently accepting sponsors for our life-sized dinosaur exhibits. Please let us know if you know of anyone who might want to “own” a dinosaur statue. Either way, these great JPs are the real deal, they were made by Hasbro. I’m attaching a scan of the back of the box."

The cardback has a date of 2003. Crafty Customs? Bootlegs? Unreleased Prototype mock-ups? Or is Hasbro giving us the real deal? Was this the rumored 10th Anniversary line we petitioned for? Discuss in our forums!