Wow, has another anniversary actually snuck up on us that quick? Our true anniversary falls on April 2nd but you get the idea. We surely didn't think we would make it this far and it wouldn't have been possible without your support year after year. Introducing a new baby into the family has been a big financial strain on us and keeping this site up & running has been a struggle at times. I can't guarantee how much longer we'll hang around but one guarantee you can count on is that while we are here, the staff here at will continue to bring you the most in-depth JP toy coverage available on the web. Looking into the future, we have some VERY exciting thing planned including a site redesign, store redesign and of course the on going effort to perfect our toy databases. In other words, you aint seen nothin' yet! ;)

OK, enough of that. How about a new poll question? Speaking of which, I have to thank everyone that participated in our previous one...all 466 of you! By far the most participation we've ever had in a single poll question.