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Finally Universal has decided to give us some details on the new JP/// DVD set to be released on December 11th. Being the huge DVD fan that I am, I can't tell you how excited I am that this disc is only about 2 months away and it looks like Universal has put together a great package for us fans. Here's the details from the Digital Bits: The Jurassic Park III: Collector's Edition will carry an SRP of $26.95. You'll get the expected anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio options, along with a plethora of extras. Included will be an audio commentary with director Joe Johnston, The Making of Jurassic Park III production featurette shot on set, additional featurettes on the special effects (including The New Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park III, A Guided Tour of Stan Winston's Studio and A Visit to ILM), a Dinosaur Turntable (providing a 3D look at the creatures themselves), a production photo gallery, storyboard sequences, the Jurassic Park III Archives, theatrical trailers and more. As is par for the course with Universal these days, there will be multiple versions of the title released the same day. You'll be able to buy the film in full frame if that's what you prefer, or you can buy a box set of all three films, entitled The Jurassic Park Trilogy, for $76.95. This new box set will reportedly contain a bonus disc of previously unreleased material, The Jurassic Park Franchise. And if you already own the movies on DVD, you can get the new disc without buying the box set. This comes from the studio's press release: "Consumers purchasing Jurassic Park III who already own Jurassic Park and The Lost World DVDs may receive a collectible Jurassic Park DVD slipcase and Bonus Disc allowing them to complete their own "Jurassic Park Trilogy Collection" via mail for only $6.95." A big thanks has to go out to Universal for making this Bonus Disc available to those of us that have already purchased JP & TLW. I can't wait to get my hands on it! Make sure you check out the Digital Bits for some great pictures of the Box set and the JP/// cover.


O.K. I apologize for not updating the site with this earlier but being in the military right now doesn't afford one much time. Plus there has been absolutely nothing to report lately. But here it goes anyway, our good friend raptor1982 over at Jurassic Park Toys was able to get his hands on a nice little picture of what looks like the JP Bush Tracker modified to be the new JP/// All-Terrain vehicle. He found it in a French Hasbro catalogue. Here's the description straight from the catalogue: This all-terrain vehicle is perfect to hunt dinosaurs! It is electronic and has a light and sounds to attract the dinosaurs. It's equipted with a capturenet that gets activated by the front of the vehicle. An arm at the side makes it possible to maintain captured dinosaurs. One dinosaur and figure included. You can view the picture here.


Can you tell that I'm really having to reach to find any news? :) Well, since it is Friday I figured I'd at least try to find something to send you into the weekend with. Don't forget that if you have any news/reviews or anything you'd like to submit just use the submit news link on the main page and I'll be glad to hear what you have to say. Also, while the toy news updates may be few and far between these days, remeber that there are always ongoing great topics on our message boards so make sure you check them out. On to the news, I noticed over at Dan's page someone sent him word that the official Park builder site has been updated with some helping hints to get you started. Maybe that will help some of you game "junkies" out there. Have a great weekend everyone and God bless America!


I just finished updating the html for a new poll. This time you get to pick your favorite JP/// Velociraptor. Here's the results from the last poll where you got to choose your favorite diorama artist: Tyrannobrush88 (6) 6% DrAustinGrant (37) 34% Ultra (25) 23% rexforever2001 (7) 6% Bambiraptor (5) 5% ArcoIguana (13) 12% biggied (3) 3% Other (12) 11% Vote Now!


Happy Columbus Day to everyone out there...well at least to all the Americans! Thanks to DVD Shrine, we finally have our first look at the menu selections from the upcoming JP/// DVD which hits shelves on December 11th. They have screen captures of the main menu and the bonus materials section. You can view them here.


Thanks to everyone who pointed this review my way. This site deals mainly with just toy related news but as I've said before I know there are many of you interested in these games and since the games and toys are so closely related, we'll continue to bring you both. Now on to the review. pocket.ign has posted their review of the new Park Builder game which they say has some faults. Here's some of what they had to say: "Konami's Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder is far from an original concept. In fact, it's been done before on the PC as Dino Park Tycoon. Konami's take on the idea isn't a direct port of that PC game, but it's a close rendition in pocket form, and it would have been a great game if the development team didn't assume that gamers would know what to do right out of the gate. Park Builder has some highs as well lows, but it's mostly good...if you can get through the necessary, but seriously annoying, trial-and-error phase." You can read the full


After days and days of thinking about it, I finally decided to give the site a new look. Granted, it's no major change but then again I'm no professional web designer either! I hope you like it!


As I'm sure you've all heard by now, earlier this morning at about 8:45 EDT America was suddenly attacked by terrorist. This tragedy has left the country in a state of disbelief and shock. I think the best thing any of us can do right now is to pray for those families that have lost loved ones in this cowardly and tragic act. Discuss this story


Has it been a slow news week or what? Well, I couldn't leave you without an update before the weekend so I'll use this one to get caught up some stuff that you may have missed recently. First up, make sure you check out the new JP Toy Check list over at IngenOps. Our buddy Darth Maul has taken the time to make a very comprehensive list for those of you looking to complete your collections. Here's a blurb from his site: "This checklist is one of the most detailed lists out there and it is especially suited for people that want to check if they have everything to complete their collections including the variations etc. At this moment the checklist only covers the JP, TLW and JP3 movie toys, but will be expanded soon to include the other lines as well (JPD & CE)." Discuss this story


Here's something else that you might have missed from raptor1982 over at Jurassic Park Toys. He has in is possesion all three of the Hasbro motion activated keychains. Make sure to check out his site for all of the pictures. Also, make sure to vote for your favorite diorama artist in our latest JPTC poll located at the bottom of this page. Have a great weekend everyone and Go Noles! >---> Discuss this story


With the new JP/// toys out in full force now, it seems that Wal-Mart has finally decided to start making room for them on their shelves. Various people have been reporting that you can easily find most of dinos from the JP Dinosaur series at half off the regular price. This is a great chance for those of you out there in the diorama making business to pick up some duplicates for that herd scene that you've been working on. :)


Not to long ago we posted a report here (you can check the archives here for the full story) in which Sam Neill was telling us his thoughts on his action figure conterpart. Well, in a recent story over at Dan's, he was asked the same question again in an interview by the Australian TV show Rove Live. Although most of this is old news, I figured that those of you that haven't read this yet might enjoy it. Here's what he had to say: ROVE: Was one of the sweetness the action figure for your character Dr. Alan Grant? I've got one here, I don't know if you've seen one but, uh, the likeness here is just spot on ! ( Rove holds a muscle-bound Grant action figure up to the screen as the audience laughs ) SAM: ( Smiles ) It's uncanny isn't it ? ROVE: Is it weird having your own action figure ? SAM: Well, you know, I think whats happened in this case is that Alan Grant has clearly been on steroids for eight years and , um, and his head has shrunk. This is what happens when you abuse steroids.