Thanks to everyone who pointed this review my way. This site deals mainly with just toy related news but as I've said before I know there are many of you interested in these games and since the games and toys are so closely related, we'll continue to bring you both. Now on to the review. pocket.ign has posted their review of the new Park Builder game which they say has some faults. Here's some of what they had to say: "Konami's Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder is far from an original concept. In fact, it's been done before on the PC as Dino Park Tycoon. Konami's take on the idea isn't a direct port of that PC game, but it's a close rendition in pocket form, and it would have been a great game if the development team didn't assume that gamers would know what to do right out of the gate. Park Builder has some highs as well lows, but it's mostly good...if you can get through the necessary, but seriously annoying, trial-and-error phase." You can read the full