Not to long ago we posted a report here (you can check the archives here for the full story) in which Sam Neill was telling us his thoughts on his action figure conterpart. Well, in a recent story over at Dan's, he was asked the same question again in an interview by the Australian TV show Rove Live. Although most of this is old news, I figured that those of you that haven't read this yet might enjoy it. Here's what he had to say: ROVE: Was one of the sweetness the action figure for your character Dr. Alan Grant? I've got one here, I don't know if you've seen one but, uh, the likeness here is just spot on ! ( Rove holds a muscle-bound Grant action figure up to the screen as the audience laughs ) SAM: ( Smiles ) It's uncanny isn't it ? ROVE: Is it weird having your own action figure ? SAM: Well, you know, I think whats happened in this case is that Alan Grant has clearly been on steroids for eight years and , um, and his head has shrunk. This is what happens when you abuse steroids.