As you know, the new Jurassic Park toyline has been delayed, and will only be released in August. So, what's the best way to kill time? To drool over new pictures! The good folks over at got their hands over several pictures of the four Dino Battlers packs, and two of the new Dino Trackers human/dinosaur set, and were kind enough to let us know about them. Make sure to take a look at their website to see these new sets in all their high-definition glory!

By the way, this brings an interesting point. Considering the "Dino Battlers" name is only used for the small two-packs, and not for the whole toy line, how could we name it? For the time being, we'll settle for Jurassic Park 2K9, but feel free to share any idea you might have on the forums. Also, the set we saw a picture of a month ago, the T-Rex/Trike one, seems to have been slightly repainted (yup, both sets share the same assortment number, so unless it's a variation...). For the better or worse, you decide!