Well, we're now in June, and still no sight of the new Dino Battlers line. Another unreleased line? Not really. Forum member Dutchallosaur contacted several TRU's in Europe, and she got some interesting information:

I called tons of TRU's in all of Europe and the US too, and tons of Hasbro's in Europa and the one in the US.

What did I find out: there are at least a dozen of new figures to be released. So not 4, at LEAST a dozen. When will they be released? The SECOND WEEK OF AUGUST. Strange enough NO Hasbro's in Europe have them in their database, but the American one has (unfortunately no pictures, I asked them). As of TRU's, as far as I know they will be released in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and obviously the US.

And best of all: the German women said she saw an Electronic T-Rex in her database with figureS. We haven't seen that before have we? That might explain the price! Stay tuned, I’ll call the French TRU back in a minute for more info.

And after contacting the French TRU manager, she got a juicy bit of information: the name of some of the dinosaurs featured in the line!

Ok, I have some more information. According to the manager, the following products are to be released:



*Electronic Dilophosaurus


He didn't see the large T-Rex in his database yet, but he told me they rarely have anything in their database more than a month before release. He also saw a loose action figure called Patron PT (wtf?). It is possible I didn't write that one down correctly, he talked French with a REALLY big accent, it was very hard for me to understand him. I had him spell that name 4 times for me, so I think I come very close to the real name now. -=EDIT=- Neelis stated that the Patron figure might be a Pteranodon. Because the French guy had a hard time pronouncing it, there's a good chance Neelis is right.

Price range was from $7 - $17, which was not put in Euro's yet.

Unfortunately, he had no pictures in his database, so I couldn't obtain any. I also tried to had him describe some figures, but as he had no pics, he couldn't.

Judging from the figures, I can say for certain it will be a JPIII repaint series again. Note: these are not all the figures, only the ones in his database. So there are more to be released anyway. Only, he couldn't tell me how many.

So, a huge thanks goes to Dutchallosaur for taking so much of her time to give us all these news! :)