Hey folks! Today, we present you our new section, the dinosaur Repaints section! Ever wondered how many times some figures have been repainted? Want to compare the repaints to the original? Head over to our new section and see pictures of every repaint released so far. Always interesting to see how a different paintjob can change a figure. A huge "Thank you" goes to old-time forum member Stitch for taking the time to take all these pics for you to enjoy!

Also, as you may know, the last Jurassic World figures have recently been released, putting an end to this line. But what's next, you may ask? Well, nothing concrete yet, but several rumors are mentioning a 2016 line called "Jurassic World Hybrids" (no, nothing to do with the infamous JP Dinosaurs Hybrids line released many years ago). So far, nothing is known about this new line, but considering the big success of this years's line, it's no wonder Hasbro wants to continue to surf on the Jurassic World wave. We'll see if it's a good or a bad thing! ;)

So, enjoy this new section, and stay tuned for more info as soon as we uncover it!