Yet another update and possibly not the last one for this week, as the past two weeks a lot of new things have been brought to our attention. Last week forum member notpicard, also active on JoeDeclassified, was kind enough to give us detailed pictures of two previously unknown JP2011 figures! He also unearthed quite a bit of interesting information as he found a piece of artwork that included the Adventure Team logo and an Allosaurus; while we thought that the lack of news about JP2011 meant that it was definitely scrapped, Hasbro had been working in secret to give it a new release as the GI-Joe Dino Hunters Adventure Team. Sadly for all of us hoping to get the dinosaur sculpts... this line has also been scrapped.

The nameless figure with the eye-patch is believed to be from JP2011, he is also the one who shows on the artwork but in very different clothing. The other nameless figure with the bow is likely from the GI-Joe Dino Hunters Adventure Team, but he is believed to have a very similar JP2011 counterpart.

But this is not all. Last week my mailbox contained a picture of a new 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper': a red one?! Is this a hint to yet another unreleased 'A.W.E. Striker' variation for the JP2011 line? Or is it the early prototype for the blue 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper'?

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