Today we have exciting news, it has brought to our attention by several members that TODAY on TRAVEL CHANNEL, around 9 pm EST, the episode titled 'Prehistoric Pennsylvania' will air, which features many Jurassic Park prototypes. From the pictures available we saw that there are many prototypes, like a Thrasher T-Rex, but also the notorious unreleased TLWS2 Triceratops! This is an episode you cannot miss! Since many foreign members cannot watch this episode, they are advised to keep an eye on the forum. We will try to offer a solution.

Please visit our forum discussion right here! We also encourage all fans to post comments on Travel Channel's Facebook page, as well as their Twitter account. Let them hear we are very excited someone gave the relatively small Jurassic Park merchandise this much attention!
Credit goes to forum members sickleclaw, desj06, JPvision and one anonymous contributor for giving us all the information and pictures.