Most people figured it out: we don't change the site. We couldn't let the 1th of April pass without a joke, huh?

Due to recent inactivity of a large group of our (mostly male) members, we decided to change things around here for a bit. From now on the site will be an archive website with not just toys, but beautiful young ladies with little clothing to show them. This strategy has never been used in the entire history of, and the entire staff team is convinced that the lack of this is the main reason why so many veterans left us over the years.

The introduction will be done in three steps. The first step is the new, far more interesting banner which is introduced today. The second step will be to change all the pictures on the site to include one of our ladies, and the third and last step will be video reviews where the ladies will talk about the toys in a far more interesting way than you can imagine! We expect to finish the new site in three months.

PS. To our lady members, there will be a ladies-only section too with male models.

PPS. If this caused anyone to feel offended, we are very sorry. will still be an archive website, but unfortunately this is the only way we can survive for the upcoming years.