Every year Papo releases more sculpts, and every year we hope for even better sculpts than last time. This year, fortune smiles upon us! We get a T-Rex in a running pose (did someone mention V-Rex?), a repaint of the first Papo Rex (suits the Rex in the first movie, right?), and a hatchling in both green and brown. While the running T-Rex's catalog shot clearly shows it to be green, a brown version has already surfaced.

And that's not all. Papo listened carefully to the fans and finally made a very cool Brachiosaurus! Let's hope it's BIG. And of course, in earlier news Papo also comes with a Tylosaurus. Credit goes to Raptor86, lucidstillness and DemonCarnotaur for letting us know!

For larger pictures, please visit our Papo section!