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Every year Papo releases more sculpts, and every year we hope for even better sculpts than last time. This year, fortune smiles upon us! We get a T-Rex in a running pose (did someone mention V-Rex?), a repaint of the first Papo Rex (suits the Rex in the first movie, right?), and a hatchling in both green and brown. While the running T-Rex's catalog shot clearly shows it to be green, a brown version has already surfaced.

And that's not all. Papo listened carefully to the fans and finally made a very cool Brachiosaurus! Let's hope it's BIG. And of course, in earlier news Papo also comes with a Tylosaurus. Credit goes to Raptor86, lucidstillness and DemonCarnotaur for letting us know!

For larger pictures, please visit our Papo section!


This week has been full of new developments, and the most important being the discovery of four (!) new, unreleased dinosaur sculpts, previously unknown! The two large carnivores and the two large herbivores are not featured on the site yet, but will be soon. For those too curious to wait, visit our forum thread about them and join the discussion!


After a long struggle with the server, we finally managed to get our e-mail addresses back online. We have installed a few different e-mail addresses, used for different purposes. If you like to contact the website for various reasons, please visit the Contact page.


After practically living on Google and for a few days, the staff team of JPToys managed to recover a lot of 'lost' prototype pictures. These pictures used to be on other JP toy fan sites, but those have disappeared through the years. Most pictures found their way to JPToys, but a bunch of them didn't and were considered lost for a very long time. This also includes the far better, original pictures of some prototypes. Plus, we added a lot of more recent prototype pictures too. So, we present to you: over 50 new prototype pictures on the website! Please check the prototype sections of each toy line, as the Jurassic Park series 2, The Lost World series 1 and 2, Jurassic Park 3, Chaos Effect, CamoXtreme, Jurassic Park:Dinosaurs 2 and Jurassic Park 2009 have all been updated.

And that's not all. We have a big surprise, also concerning recent prototypes (not visible in the picture below)... check our forum to see what it is (and for a full list of all new pictures)!

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