Very interesting, yet unconfirmed, news from long-time forum member Jaymz, from the UK. Here's the scoop:

Being bored today I scanned through the computer database at work and stumbled upon some interesting Jurassic Park toy info.

All information on the screen indicates (To me at least) that they're new, well... It's Hasbro so I'm guessing JP/// repaints again, but they come up as 2009 GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE.

Because I'm kind, I'm gonna give you guys all the info the computer gave me.

*Jurassic Park Electronic Dino Asst.

UPC - 5010994454302

4 In Pack


*Jurassic Park Deluxe Dino & Figure

UPC - 5010994454296

6 In Pack


*Jurassic Park Basic Dino 2 Pack Asst.

UPC - 5010994454289

4 In Pack


Yeah, they all sound familiar to what we've already seen in the Other JP/// repaint lines, I know. But then I came across THIS!

*Jurassic Park Deluxe Electronic T Rex

UPC - 5010994454319

1 In Packet


Yes, thats £59.99 for a T Rex figure and it comes one per box, this thing is gonna be huge!

And forum member Dutchallosaur dug a bit, and added this juicy bit of info:

I called the German Toys 'R' Us Head Office, it turns out they WILL arrive in all German stores. The woman on the phone estimated they'll arrive in JUNE this year. And she saw all 4 things in her system!

Of course, we'll keep you updated as more info (or pictures) are available. So, stay tuned, guys! :)