Today's going to be regular forum member Roselaar's day. We have several interested bits of info to share, and they all come from him. So, here we go!

First, we have 31 new, great-quality reviews for you to enjoy, all by Roselaar. You can discover them in the Lost World and Chaos Effect dinosaurs sections!

Roselaar also uncovered some old catalogs from local Dutch toy stores featuring JP toys, and he was kind enough to scan them and send them our way. You can see what this kind of catalogs look here in Europe by going to our new Holland catalogs section.

And finally, some speculation about the unreleased Ornithosuchus with Dino Trapper... Roselaar recently reminded us about a strange eBay auction, which makes for a neat new point of interest about this elusive toy...

That's it for today, boys and girls! Have fun with this bunch of news, and stay tuned! We still have one or two small things in store... ;)