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Forum moderator Raptoralpha came across this interesting article from the Wall Street Journal that shows just how dominating the Star Wars merchandising machine is. How does this relate to JP you might ask? Well the article also includes a graph that details the other major movie franchises and just how good their box office take is compared to the merchandising totals. Pretty cool stuff. For whatever it's worth (probably nothing at all), the JP franchise is by far the most balanced in terms of the differences. Click on the graph to the right for a larger look.


Here's a cool bootleg find from forum member 'Imperial Drannian' that features a King Kong packaged with a JP3 Spino hatchiling. Here's what she had to say:

"While we were down in the Highlands (Australia) we ducked into a 'cheapie shop' and, right next to the bootlegs of DV we saw were some really laughable bootlegs of Kong. A five second examination of the packets revealed that they in fact also conained bootlegged TLW/JP3 hatchlings. The one pictured has a Spino. I recall seeing a Rex & Raptor, will make an endeavour to pick one up next time I'm down there if they are dirt-cheap enough for me."

In other news today, we have a new site poll up. Be sure to vote and let us know your favorite non-JP dino toy line.