Nothing earth shattering to pass along here but probably woth mentioning nonetheless. It seems that last year's new line of JP Dinosaurs are starting to pop up at KB Toy stores again. It looks like a last ditch effort on their part to clear out some back inventory as most everything has been heavily reduced. Just last weekend I had family from Florida call to ask me if I needed any because their local KB Outlet was stocked to the max with of course the discounted prices. Site Co-Owner Armothe just recently found them as well. Here's his report:

"I know its halfway into 2006 but the most recent 2005 JP Deluxe Dinos started popping up at KBToys and KB Toy Works/Outlets.

The list includes:

T-Rex w/ micro Triceratops
Velociraptor w/ Micro Pteranodon
Triceratops w/ Micro Raptor

Last Christmas the smaller 2005 ravage packs showed up in the same place - some are still hanging around. I haven't seen the Ultras in the store yet."

Anyway we just wanted to pass that along for those of you that might not have picked up some of the items from last year. Now is probably your last chance to find them in stores...especially at these prices. This public service announcement was brought to you by your friendly staff at ;-)