I'm soooo far behind on this years anniversiary update but better late than never...right? Anyway, it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was just a regular poster over at InGenNet (hello vets!) asking people to check out my new site which was then known as JP Toys Central...or JPTC for short. Things were moving along pretty slowly until we got our first big exclusive which was shots of the "Wave 2" JP3 Alan Grant w/compies. As the requests for the pictures started to flow in, I thought we might be on to something. A few hours and over 700 hits later I KNEW we were. About a year later (with the help of co-owner Armothe) we were able to move to our own dot com address and a snazzy new layout. Here we sit 5 years later having outlasted all the competition and we somehow keep chugging along. All of that is a testament to not only our wonderful staff here but to you the viewers/readers out there. For that we truly and humbly thank you!