There's been some discussion on our forum recently about 2 possible new JPD2 repaints. Forum member "yankeetrex" came across them at his local KB store and had this to say:

"I was at the Freehold Raceway mall today for the sports card collectible show, i stopped off in KB toys and to my surprise there were 2 new repaints of JP Dino's. One was the JP3 Deluxe Rex in black with red stripes, and the other was the Alpha Pteradon(Sorry for spelling) in a greenish color and the beak was a semi baby blue color."

Unable to take any pictures to this point, forum moderator Stitch contacted that same KB store for more details:

"KB Toys: "Thanks for calling KBs where you can save half off on all orange sticker items, can I help you?"

Stitch: "Yes, do you have any Jurassic Park toys?"

KB Toys: "Uhm, I believe we do. Yes, we have quite a few."

Stitch: "Ok, do you have a black dinosaur with red striping patterns?"

KB Toys: "Well, there's alot, like 12 different kinds. So if you wanna come in and take a look."

Stitch: "Well, I'm in Seattle."

KB Toys: "Oh... Ok, hold on a second, I'll check for you." *leaves for a bit longer then the last person I spoke with* *returns* KB Toys: "Yes, we have a black Tyrannosaur with Red stripes. It looks like he has a cut in his side where he got bit or something. And then we have the flying one. Pteranodon. It's in like two shades of green with a blue head. They're both $14.99 and they make noise." *hears distinct Alpha Ptera screeching over phone*

He went on to explain they came in about 2 weeks ago. He was given the sku number from the packages- 850396
So, these are indeed the real thing. He was told there were pictures on the back of the package of other dinosaurs in the line, but I don't know if they're new ones or the same JPD2 figures that came out a year ago."

With this confirmation, we'll hopefully be able to post pictures soon. In the meantime, be sure to follow this thread on the forum for all the latest details.