Most of yesterday was spent working on the LONG overdue update to our diorama section. What exactly did we do? Well for starters, all dioramas have been moved to our server so you won't be getting those annoying data transfer exceeded messages from Geocities. We also edited all of the images down to a more uniform size so they'll all fit on one single more clicking. All galleries have been alphabetized by username as well. So what does all this mean to you? Well besides the obvious mentioned above, it means that we're now accepting dioramas again! Just use the link provided on the diorama section main page if you're interested in submitting your handywork. Who knows, if the interest is high enough, you might just see another diorama contest around the corner. To kick things off, Bucketfoot-Al has submitted 6 new dioramas which are now up for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!