A few days ago, Susan from the Family Library received a charitable donation of loose toys with what appeared to be several Jurassic Park dinosaurs in the mix. Paperwork requires her to catalog each toy with a description, manufacturer and manufacturer's date. She managed to find JPToys online and asked for assistance. JPToys identified and provided information about: TLW Remote Control Stegosaurus (ToyBiz), TLW Remote Control Triceratops(ToyBiz), and TLW Finger Puppets (Resaurus). Read what Susan had to say:

"As a Librarian for a combination toy and book library and resource room, I had looked everywhere on the net to try to find needed product information to catalog some Jurassic Park toy donations. I was very lucky to find the JP Toys site. Their resident geniuses were able to tell me the titles of the toys, the product information (vital to cataloguers), and provided pictures for our visual catalog!

I greatly appreciate their swift help with this!"

Susan Monroe
Family Library
Community Services for Children, Inc.

Glad we could help, Susan!