Before I get to the reviews, I had to mention that after all the problems with our last host lately (which went belly up on us with practically no notice) I'm pleased to say that we have found a new host and couldn't be happier! They have great customer support and are really on top of their game. Now hopefully we won't have to go through that again! ;-)

Now on to that super sized review update. As you know, we're working hard behind the scenes here to get those unfinished sections finished and recently a few forum members were kind enough to help me in that quest. Forum members Kevin, Dimetrodon and BrachioInGen took the time to complete a total of 40 new reviews for the site! Their reviews covered all of the major JP toys that we were missing including a much needed update to the JP Dinosaurs section. I can't thank those guys enough for their contributions. So be sure to check all of those out in our Toy Database today. Have a great weekend everyone!