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This was just too awesome to not pass along! Using oils, the artists over at took a TLW Bull T-Rex and repainted it over a two week period to match its Jurassic Park movie counterpart. To say that this is the absolute best custom job I've ever seen would be a huge understatement. The attention to detail is just astounding and as you will see, the end results are truly amazing! Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. (Thanks Ultra_T-Rex)


Hope you all had a great weekend. We have a lot to get to today so let's get started, shall we? It's been a long time coming but today we are proud to give you yet another JPToys Database release - the Chaos Effect toy line. Also be sure to check out our new database template which includes links to other important items of interest like price guide listings, instructions, reviews and sounds. Again, we apologize for the wait time between releases but we plan on releasing them much quicker from now on so make sure stay tuned for those!

Also today we have even more reviews to pass along highlighted by part 2 of forum member Buzz Spendus take on the Operation Genesis game for PS2. Make sure to check that out. We also have new reviews from Dimetrodon of the JP BDT, Capture Copter, Net Trapper and the JP3 Wal-Mart Exclusive set. You can check all of those out it our Toy Database today.


Before I get to the reviews, I had to mention that after all the problems with our last host lately (which went belly up on us with practically no notice) I'm pleased to say that we have found a new host and couldn't be happier! They have great customer support and are really on top of their game. Now hopefully we won't have to go through that again! ;-)

Now on to that super sized review update. As you know, we're working hard behind the scenes here to get those unfinished sections finished and recently a few forum members were kind enough to help me in that quest. Forum members Kevin, Dimetrodon and BrachioInGen took the time to complete a total of 40 new reviews for the site! Their reviews covered all of the major JP toys that we were missing including a much needed update to the JP Dinosaurs section. I can't thank those guys enough for their contributions. So be sure to check all of those out in our Toy Database today. Have a great weekend everyone!


As you may have noticed today, we're experiencing some major problems with our host server. Please bare with us as we continue to try and get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences. If for some reason you can't access this page, please keep it tuned to our forum for further updates.


Thanks to our savings guru Kevin for pointing us to even more savings, this time from the online store Electronics Boutique. Some of the deals include 10% off all pre-ordered Xbox games, 25% off all pre-owned games and DVD's and 20% off all strategy guides. Have a great weekend everyone!


Dinosaur_Neill sends word that his petition has full support from composer Stephan Shutze but that it might take at least 10,000 signatures to be effective. That's not out of the realm of possibility but it's going to take a heck of a lot more than they have now! So make sure to sign the petition if you haven't done so already. Stephan also sent word that the Gamecube version planned for OG has been scrapped to concentrate on other projects at this time.


How was everyone's weekend? Hope it went well. First up today I have to mention how pleased I was with the participation this past Friday night for our chat. If you guys can keep that level up, we'll definitely bring the chats back for good! Make sure to keep it tuned to the Lounge section of our forum for any further chat updates.

The new OG review (PS2) was sent in to us by forum member BuzzSpendus and I must say it's one of the better reviews we've ever received! He notes that this is only part one of the review with part two to follow soon. We'll make sure to get that up as soon as he sends it in. Also, don't forget to sign the petition to get the OG soundtrack released. Just click on the logo above our poll question to sign.


It's been well over a year since we held a site chat (last time it was called the JPTC chat!) but due to popular demand from our forum members - it's back! The chat is conducted on AOL instant messanger and we usually talk about anything and everything. As it stands now, the chat will begin at 9pm EST tonight. Please follow the chat thread in the Lounge area of our forum as things could always change at the last minute. Hope to see everyone there and have a great weekend!


With so much going on in our lives and the world in general these days, it's amazing how quickly time can fly. It just dawned on me that today is our 2nd anniversary! We really have nothing special to pass along in celebration but I would like to mention a new project in the works (very early stages) that will make our exclusive Price Guide look small in me. Other than that, we continue to ask for your patience as other sections come online. They will all be up soon but you can't rush quality and I don't think there's any arguing about the high quality of pictures we try to provide you guys with in our various sections. Just please bare with us. In closing, we want to thank everyone so much for the support and encouragement you continue to provide us on a daily basis. You truly are what keeps us ticking!