Although not totally shocking, it appears as if Hasbro has decided to drop the Jurassic Park toy line. Here's a statement given earlier today to our own Mr. Goodbytes by a Hasbro rep:

"The Jurassic park toy line has been dropped. At this time there are no plans to continue with any figures."

So how does all this affect a possible JP4 toy line? The way I see it, one of three things could happen. Hasbro could decide to pick up the JP license again when JP4 rolls around (most likely), another company could get their crack at producing them (popular opinion expressed by many of our forum members) or worst case scenario, we may not see a JP4 toy line (highly unlikely). So all is not lost as one might think, we should all just sit back and see how things play out. As always, these things can change at anytime so keep it tuned here for further updates. Also today, we have a new poll question up for your voting pleasure.