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A Brachiosaurus find Help his way through the jungle!
Play Tic-Tac-Toe with friends
Or, have fun coloring a fierce Spinosaurus

Do all of the above with help from our new Color & Games section! (located in our downloads section).

Featuring pages taken directly from the Jurassic Park coloring & activities books themselves, this new section will allow you to express your unbridled creativity or just pass some time on a rainy day.

Also, be sure to check out the other downloads sections. We've added instructions and decals for both the Chaos Effect and Dinosaurs toy lines.


While the UK is certainly not my area of expertise, it is for our good friend Razzie. She wants to get the word out that your local Tesco store may have the JP3 Raptor Attack Playset on sale for £4.99, despite the £19.99 price tag on the box. Razzie even took the time to make a custom main gate label for her playset which can be found in the Custom section of our forum.


Universal is offering both Jurassic Park (Full Screen) and The Lost World (Widescreen) free when you buy one of their more recent releases like The Bourne Identity, About A Boy, Blue Crush or Undercover Brother. If you already own JP and TLW on DVD, you can select from the following: A Beautiful Mind, Beethoven's 3rd, Black Dog, Bowfinger, EdTV, Jaws, Jaws 2, The Mummy (Full Screen), Mystery Men, The Nutty Professor, The Quest, The Skulls, Snow Falling On Cedars. The offer is valid for U.S. and Canadian citizens only.


We have just a few site updates to pass along today. First off, "Bucketfoot-Al" continues to add to his already impressive custom gallery with a Horizon T-Rex repaint submission. Next up, I wanted to update the progress on our toy databases. As I'm sure you've noticed by now, it's been well over a month since our last release. We just wanted to assure everyone that progress is still being made and our goal is very much intact. You should see the next release very soon. We also have a new feature to add to some of our existing databases that we think everyone will really enjoy, look for that in the coming days. Last thing I wanted to mention today. We have some site modification plans in store for the coming weeks, most of which will make the site much eaiser to navigate around. Keep it tuned here for further updates.


Although not totally shocking, it appears as if Hasbro has decided to drop the Jurassic Park toy line. Here's a statement given earlier today to our own Mr. Goodbytes by a Hasbro rep:

"The Jurassic park toy line has been dropped. At this time there are no plans to continue with any figures."

So how does all this affect a possible JP4 toy line? The way I see it, one of three things could happen. Hasbro could decide to pick up the JP license again when JP4 rolls around (most likely), another company could get their crack at producing them (popular opinion expressed by many of our forum members) or worst case scenario, we may not see a JP4 toy line (highly unlikely). So all is not lost as one might think, we should all just sit back and see how things play out. As always, these things can change at anytime so keep it tuned here for further updates. Also today, we have a new poll question up for your voting pleasure.


Another infamous customizer joins the ranks of JPToys. Check out SiteC's top-notch creations in our Customs section!


A big thanks to Raptoralpha and our very own Armothe for these latest entires in our Customs gallery. Raptoralpha has 5 new customs, while Armothe adds two new LEGO customs to his gallery. Remember, if you would like to see your custom JP creations displayed in our gallery, just drop us a line and we'll take care of the rest. (Late Update) - Just added a new custom sent in by Bucketfoot-Al of the "Spinosaurus Imperator" - enjoy!


Dan's JP3 Page brings word that the Official XBox Magazine has taken a look at the upcoming Jurassic Park game, Operation Genesis. According to the article, the game has some nasty draw-in, meaning that you can see the landscape farther from the camera drawing itself in, something that is sure to detract from the excellent visuals we've been seeing for this game. The magazine finds this "unforgivable", but they are very impressed with the gameplay. For those of you that don't have Xbox, don't dispair. Operation Genesis will also be available for Gamecube, PC and PS2 when it is released in March.


Anouther new theropod dinosaur has been uncovered in China recently. So far, it is only labeled as a maniraptor, but more information on the new animal should follow. It's amazing how many prehistoric critters are being found in China, and perhaps more impressive that so many of them are small carnivores. Wouldn't that be the opposite of a normal ecosystem? Thanks to Aspidel for this picture:


Did everyone have a nice New Year's celebration? I spent mine down in the "Big Easy" so you know I had a blast! Well I do hope everyone had a great time and we here at certainly wish you & yours the best in '03.

I also wanted to make a quick mention today about the most recent addition to our Forum. Last week we added an "Other Toys" board, where as you guessed it, members can enjoy discussing those other "outcast" toy lines such as Star Wars and LOTR. We also decided to merge the Sale/Trade board with the JP Toy Talk board. If you're not a member of our forum yet, please take the time to read over our guidelines and then sign up with Proboards quick & easy registration form. Now's a better time than ever, with over 460+ members, there's always something to talk about!