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JP4 - SUMMER 2005?

Looks like the JP franchise will stick to the every four years plan, as "Variety" is reporting that Universal has plans to release JP4 in the Summer of 2005. If this holds true, JP4 would be up against some serious competition, Star Wars Episode III and the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise are also slated for '05.


The staff would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! On a more personal note, we would like to thank each and everyone of you that continue to make us your favorite place for JP toy news & discussions.


Certainly not the first and probably not the last petition is in the works, demanding Hasbro to rerelease certain Jurassic Park toys that only the rich and lucky own. If you want to participate, I'm sure TyrannosaurusMatt would appreciate it if you showed your support at our forums, more specifically this thread.


Hi gang, just a quick update on our last exclusive (see below story) regarding the Volcanic Pteranodon & Tropical Raptor. I recieved a reply from the sender stating that he was not the owner of the Desert Spinosaurus and had in fact just simply emailed the eBay seller during the auction and asked for a picture of the back of the box. They were kind enough to hold on to it all this time and decided to send it to us after noticing our recent CamoXtreme Databse release. Unfortunately this means no up close or better shots of these two new least for now.

As you may have noticed, we have a new poll question up today. So be sure to let us know which CamoXtreme gem you would most like to own. It should be very intersting to see the results! Also today, TheKev316 was kind enough to review the JP3 Military General & T-Rex for us which is now up for your viewing pleasure.


WOW! is making waves with our new picture database! One of our enthusiastic members took note and sent in the below picture to be added to our archives! The picture is of the back of the Deluxe Desert Spinosaurus package. We see our elusive friends the Ultra Canyon T-rex and Deluxe Desert Spinosaurus - but they've been joined by two new toys which many of you have never seen: Deluxe Tropical Raptor & Lava Pteranadon! The picture is a bit fuzzy, but it is still a gem none-the-less. Visit our Toy Database here to learn more about these.


The next installment of the JPToys Database is online - with the debut of JP3 CamoXtreme toy line. We trust you will enjoy our high-quality photos, and as always; stay tuned to for more vivid photos from all the other Jurassic Park themes.


Where can I buy JP toys? Does this site sell JP toys? These are just a couple of the many questions we get asked here at on a weekly basis. So to keep from having to repeat ourselves all the time, we've put together a page of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to hopefully answer some of those questions for you.


Well, it's been over a year since those first wonderful images of the new JP3 toys at the 2001 Toy Fair graced our computer monitors...doesn't seem like that long ago does it? Well it has been, so how about a little trip down memory lane? The JPToys staff thought it would be fun to collect some of those photos for archives sake. So without further delay, we present to you the 2001 New York Toy Fair archive. Have a great weekend everyone!


Did everyone get their fill of turkey & dressing over the weekend? I know I sure did! Anyway, make sure to check out our latest new & improved toy archives release - the JP Bootlegs. If you have seen, or know of any bootlegs which we are missing, don't hesitate to drop us a line at