We've been promising since day one that we would one day get around to updating our toy archives. Trust me, we know the current ones just plain stink (to say the least). Well, that long awaited day is finally here! Our first completed section happens to be the JP3 Hybrids. Once there, you'll find more high quality pictures than you can shake a bone at! We have box shots, loose shots, diorama shots & more! That will be the basic template you can expect for the rest of the sections as well. Which section are we doing next? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Our goal here at JPToys is to give you the visitor the most complete Jurassic Park toy database on the internet and we sincerely hope you enjoy our latest step in that process. It may be a slow process but we are determined to reach our goal. Also before I go, I would be amiss if I didn't thank our site administrator Armothe for all of his dedicated work on not only this latest section, but our entire site in general. He stays a very busy man and every moment he can take to help out on this site is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone!