An interesting interview with Sam Neil has been posted at pertaining to the forth Jurassic Park film. Says thus:

"Yeah, Steven Spielberg and his people are quite busy prepping another one. There is a chance you'll see me in it. I'm as surprised as anyone, because I didn't think there was any way they could get Alan Grant involved again. But they came up with a clever idea. Steven just blew me away with the story....something frightening is happening concerning those dinosaurs that doesn't necessarily bode well for us humans. Scientists never seem to learn". What sort of tone can we expect? "You know that feeling when you first saw the original film, and you were so in awe, and felt so swept away and mesmerised by the sheer majesty of it all? I believe this premise has the potential to elicit that same kind of response. Out of all the concepts that've been created for these movies, this is possibly my favorite".

This sounds like what we all want and I've got my fingers crossed for the validity of this information. Big thanks to Oviraptor for pointing this article out.