First off, I apologize for the lack of updates lately but as you can guess, we're working hard behind the scenes to get those new site features online, not to mention there's nothing newsworthy happening anymore. More on that in a minute. I don't have anything major to get to today so I've just combined a few items into one little update.

- "JP Action Man" just sent in his latest diorama which is now up for your viewing pleasure in our hosted dioramas section.

- Do you have an interest in custom JP LEGO figures? If so, head on over to our good friend "CloneTroop15" site, FMDesigns. He just unveiled 3 new customs from JP: Ian Malcom, Dr. Henry Wu, JP Worker #1 and Dieter Stark from TLW. He also features customs from "Area 51" and "Ghostbusters". All of the ordering /purchasing details can be found on the site...check it out!

- The last thing I'll mention is our progress on the new sections. Expect to see our first roll out of the new toy archives very soon. I believe we're starting off with the JP3 Hybrids section just to give you a small taste of the big things to come...stay tuned! Also remember we're trying to crown your favorite JP vehicle so make sure to vote in our latest poll question if you haven't done so already!